Peter Andrew Jones

Back to retro 70’s Sci-Fi with another explosive illustration from Blog Fav Peter Andrew Jones.  This Menacing looking craft has a strong resonance of past military avation tech, which is why I’ve selected it – very Harrier Jump Jet –

“To Here and the Easel” dates from 1974 and is scanned from Peter’s glossy compendium Book “Solar Wind” which I’m lucky enough to have a copy of – book is available as well as prints and more at:

Peter Andrew Jones – The Zap Gun

Peter Andrew Jones - The Zap Gun

This will be the last post of the year, so I’m going to end with a sample from my personal 2008 Blog favourite: Peter Andrew Jones. This piece is titled “The Zap Gun” and dates from 1974.

Many thanks for all comments, suggestions and contributions, it’s great to see so many people enjoy all this nonsense as much as I do!  Happy New Year!!!

Scan is taken via a large library of Peter Andrew Jones art at

Artist home Site at:

Peter Andrew Jones - Today We Chose Faces

Illustration used for the 1973 science fiction novel by Roger Zelazny.

No one does Sci-Fi costumes quite like Peter Andrew Jones; a ribbed and embossed figure-hugging environment suit laced with intricate tubes and wiring. A slick helmet too with its slightly elongated shape and tech swoosh logo, all add to the cool factor, and as with Blood Money – Peter Andrew Jones an excellent choice of Ray-Gun!

Image sourced via the excellent Ski-ffy Blog an extensive compendium of Sci-Fi art, artists and specifically  book covers… Recommended

Blood Money – Peter Andrew Jones

Blood Money - Peter Andrew Jones

More game box artwork, this time from 1990 ‘Blood Money’ produced for legendary UK software house Psygnosis, art by Peter Andrew Jones. Great moody character, that’s more reminiscent of Star Trek then Stars Wars (ie: a lot f*cking cooler) anyway love the tiny piggy eyes! The shot is ripped from the excellent site, which is like for computer games, well worth checking out if you are a gamer.