Jasper Goodall (1)

Jasper Goodall - Eye of Horus

Jasper Goodall - Perpetual Dawn

Jasper Goodall - Into the Void

Jasper Goodall - Dione

Jasper Goodall - Erebus

Ok something of a bit of an exclusive here, from a contemporary Artist & Illustrator I’ve long admired – Brighton based Jasper Goodall (UK).

I first came across Jasper’s work as a design student around the turn of the century, his work prominently featured in Angus Hyland’s seminal “Pen and Mouse: Commercial Art and Digital Illustration” the book that triumphed traditional Illustrations transition into digital and thus the 21st century. It may seem strange now but once upon a time traditional illustration was in it’s death throws, out in the cold, superseded by saccharine layers of cheap and nasty Photoshop/Stock imagery that thanks to lazy graphic design had (horrifically) risen too prominence in the late 90’s. Something needed to give, and did, a new wave of Illustrators adapted, opting to use the Mac as a primary tool rather than just a finishing repro one, the computer became an integral part of the image making process, giving rise to a new fresh approach that continues to evolve – Jasper Goodall remains at the vanguard of this creative zeitgeist…

As something of a fan I decided to approach Jasper directly to ask him to supply Sci-Fi-O-Rama with a selection of recent work which he’s kindly done. Before I add the notes I’d like to point out that prints of all of the above images are available at http://www.jaspergoodall.com/shop.php

Top: This wonderfully lit latex beauty is entitled “Eye of Horus”, part of Jasper’s brand new “Sunrise Series”.

2nd Top: “Perpetual Dawn” – another superb rendering, with a slight echo of Hajime Sorayama to whom Jasper admits to being a fan…

3rd Top “Into the Void” – a flawless example of a superior digital airbrush technique.

4th Top & Bottom: “Dione’s Rapture” and “The Birth of Erebus”, these two final pieces came out of Jasper’s work for British Alternative Rock Band Muse, though they were not used as covers they were inspired by the project – see the full selection of Muse A/W here: http://www.jaspergoodall.com/projects.php?show=4#1

** Further Reading:

I hope to feature more on Jasper at some point in the not too distant future, in the meantime however do check his portfolio website for projects past and present: www.jaspergoodall.com

7 thoughts on “Jasper Goodall (1)”

  1. Wow. Just pulled Pen & Mouse off the shelf to remind me of his older work. It stands the test of time.

    It’s really funny to remember how much Streamline™ auto-trace rubbish was about. It was everywhere!

    Great post.

  2. I agree Mike, yes his work back then still looks great

    Adobe Streamline 4.0? I think I know certain MCR based designer who still has that installed!

  3. The rendering on these illustrations is truly mind-bending. Although I really liked seeing him get the pencils and cheap coloured markers out for some chaotic mark-making on some of his earlier work. Not really a grumble, his latest stuff is fantastic!

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