Hajime Sorayama

Hajime Sorayama

Hajime Sorayama

Once again apologies for the brief pause in posting, and the slow response to emails going to try and catch up this week/weekend. Actually part of the last month’s break has involved work on a Sci-Fi-O-Rama spin-off project with Dan McPharlin, more on that in a moment, first here’s the lowdown on this article…

Kind of a quick post this one whilst I’m prepping some more wholesome material, I had intended to run this on the 29th of March as that was, in fact, Sci-Fi-O-Rama’s 3rd birthday, but alas didn’t get time! Anyway so for no particular reason other than it was at the top of the stack here’s another hyper-real selection of Hajime Sorayama’s masterful, airbrush craftsmanship. A few notes:

First of I’m embarrassed to say I’m actually not sure of the titles here as these images are via the Hungarian Fantasy/Erotic Art bunker known as http://www.net-cafe.hu/ I do own a Sorayama book, but it’s in storage, so if you know how many are

Hajime Sorayama – Heavy Metal

Sorayama - Heavy Metal

A chromed robotic female suggestively poses for the cover of “Heavy Metal” the infamous American/French Sci-Fi Magazine. Art from the idiosyncratic airbrush of Hajime Sorayama – dated Novemeber 1980.

Heavy Metal was created by American Publisher Leonard Mogel, who upon a trip to Paris had come across “Metal Hurlant”(Howling Metal) a French science-fantasy magazine that had debuted in 1974 and featured contribution’s from illutrators such as Jean Giraud AKA Moebius, Phillippe Druillet, Philippe Caza and Italian Erotica specialist Milo Manara. Inspired, Mogel set about licensing and translating this material for an American version and thus in April 1977 Heavy Metal was born, a franchise that’s spawned two feature length animated Movies and still runs to this day – check the official site:  http://www.metaltv.com/ (warning Saucy over 18 type content)

Read more about Heavy Metal at Wikipedia:

Image Sourced via Flickr User  jl.incrowd – check his excellent selection of  scanned Heavy Metal Artwork: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jl-incrowd/sets/72157604843541927/

So back to the subject of Hajime Sorayama and all thing’s bright, shiny and VERY 80’s –

Hajime Sorayama - Gynoid (3)

H.R Giger BioMechanoid

A tentatively posed model is airbrushed into another part of the “Gynoid” Series, by Hajime Sorayama. The Gynoids are very much the same concept harvested by H.R.Giger with his BioMechanoids; that is to say they’re both a fusion of machine and the female form, but the similarity pretty much stops there.

Sorayama’s work is sweetness and light, he uses the body-hugging chrome prosthetic to re-enforce softcore/pin-up titillation, machine-enhanced but very much human. Giger’s approach is the reverse, sinister machine like humanoids – alien (literally) – the example shown is one his earlier works, a pre-airbrush piece from around 1970.

Hajime Sorayama - Gynoid (2)

Another example of a “Gynoid” by Hajime Sorayama, super sexy airbrushing pretty much unsurpassed IMHO – I really like the subtle glow and Sheen

The term “Gynoids” was created by the female British SF writer, Gwyneth Jones, and developed by another British writer, Richard Calder. The word is a combination of “droid” (Greek “in the image of”) and “gyn” (Greek “woman”). See more on Sorayama here http://hajimesorayama.com/

Hajime Sorayama – Gynoid

Hajime Sorayama - Gynoid

Hajime Sorayama – Gynoid.

Part of Sorayama’s “Gynoid” series of airbrush Illustrations, which involve the female form combined with chromed machinery, mainly in suggestive poses, that tend to veer towards the explicit – suffice to say Sorayama’s has often been featured in Penthouse Magazine. Read more about Sorayama at Wiki here.

Thanks to Kiel Bryant again for the scan of the original image.