Juan Gimenez (4)

Juan Gimenez Die Kaiserin

Juan Gimenez Der Kaiser

Another quick post – I have had a few questions asking about Juan Gimenez and the availability of his Books/Art recently so a couple of leads…

Depending on how up to speed you are with your Spanish I suggest perhaps trying the official site: http://www.juangimenez.com/ though I’m not sure how often that’s updated. Failing that there’s a raft of his Books / Comics / Graphic Novels available via Amazon.com http://is.gd/C7mO take your pick I guess! maybe The Metabarons? his collaboration with Alexandro Jodorowsky

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  1. kei your best bet with finding juans stuff is heavy metal backissues

    spring 87 is a fantastic one has his story GARBAGE
    jan 90 has all of FOURTH QUARTER!

    both of these will not disappoint and can be had for less than 5 bucks.

    march 89
    spring 99 both contain LEO ROA episodes

    fall 86 a short called PRIMABELL about gynoids

    july 95 METABARONS story; othan the great

    the advantage is its cheap!! and I find them more readable than the trades which have stiff spines.

    his older stories have more varied settings than metabarons totally off the wall.


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