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Aug 26th, 2008 | Categories: Concept Art | Illustration | Ridley Scott | Sci-Fi | Storyboard

Alien Story Board image - Art by Ridley Scott

Alien Story Board image - Art by Ridley Scott

Alien Story Board image - Art by Ridley Scott

Alien Story Board image - Art by Ridley Scott

Images from the original Alien Storyboard – Art by Ridley Scott.

Ridley Scott’s pre production storyboards for 1979 Sci-Fi Horror Movie Alien, show he’s a dab hand with the marker pens! these extremely detailed visuals serve to demonstrate just how meticulous his eye for visual design is. The top shows ‘Kane’ and ‘Lambert’ on the Nostromo’s bridge next down show’s ‘Jones’ the Ships cat, used in several of the ships memorable shots, the lower slides show members of the crew outside wearing the costumes based on the Concepts by Moebius also featured on this blog.

Ridley Scott first dabbling in film first started whilst studying Graphic Design at Londons Royal College of Art (RCA) between the years of 1960-1962, upon graduating he went on to work as a trainee set designer with the BBC. Ridley Worked on sucesfull Tv shows: Dr Who & Z cars before moving into directing TV adverts such as the “Hovis Bike Round”, then finally on to Hollywood and the rest is film history!

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  1. Josh says:

    i did not know ridley could draw like this
    he had his own style and everything! (evidenced the most in the details of the helmet in the top image, i think)

  2. Kie says:

    Hey Josh,

    yeah they’re great aren’t they – He does have his own drawing style.. quite distinctive..

  3. Jorge Zarco says:

    This Drawnings are a masterpiece

  4. Kie says:

    I totally agree ! a really great style…. wonder how much he draws these days?

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