Philip Castle – Airflow (3)

Philip Castle Airflow

Another sample from the portfolio of retro airbrush master Philip Castle. Judging by the livery of the jet in the top right,  I’m guessing the image is a promotional piece for the “Blue Angels” that’s the US equivalent of the Uk’s “Red Arrows” – basically fighter jets performing formation acrobatic stunts.

I’ve borrowed this scan from a more extensive library of his work at: The original art is scanned from Philips Castle’s 1980 anthology “Airflow”.

Philip Castle – Airflow

Philip Castle - Airflow (Cover)

F15 Fighter Jets soaring through the clouds and some gratuitous nudity feature on the cover of “Airflow” Philip Castle’s portfolio book published 1980. A design harking back to the tradition of beautiful & scantily clad ladies painted on the noses of WW2 American Bombers.

For a larger gallery of Philips Work check

Chris Foss

(Above) Another sample of Chris Foss’s uber cool space hardware design style. This Example is especially interesting as it shows Foss’s style at it’s most minimal and therefore abstract, and as with all of his work has a tremendous sense of scale.

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Quick Addendum Sept 2009 – Note that the Elite Poster Below is actually by Philip Castle NOT Chris Foss !!

Looking at this piece made me wonder how much of an influence/inspiration Chris Foss’s Art must have been on David Braben & Ian Bell’s legendary 80’s computer game Elite. Original 80’s Elite Poster featured below, It’s not another Chris Foss By the way, but in fact another Airbrush Legend – Philip Castle, more on him soon… (thanks for the tip Jim!)

Elite Poster