FFFOUND Collection (1) Nov 10

Vania Zouravliov - The Head

Unknown Artist - Please Post if you know

unknown photograph - please post comment if you have info :)


Autumn Whitehurst - Sugar Genomics


Whilst I prep some new feature post’s I’m going to follow on from my recent Flickr Round with a collection of images I’ve bookmarked and backtracked via the excellent FFFFound.com – lazy? yes I know!

I actually still have FFFFound set as my Firefox home page and although I don’t spend quite as much time browsing as I used too, I still think it’s an excellent resource. In fact I’ve even saved off hundreds of bookmarked images too form offline inspiration scrapbook- It was a boring chore, but has since proved to be very handy!

Ok so here’s the notes on this somewhat arbitrary selection:

Top: Stunning Gothic, fantasy tinged fashion Illustration from Russian Artist Vania Zouravliov, this piece is entitled “The Head”. Really beautiful work, I think you’ll agree and someone I’ll definitely be looking to run a full feature on in the near(ish) future – in the meantime check this post at Jeff Hamada’s superb Booooooom.com or maybe just a general Google image search on Vania Zouravliov http://bit.ly/gwiMLU

2nd Top: I’m not sure on who the artist is here, only that I very much like the piece! As is often the problem with backtracking from FFFFound the link ends http://supersonicelectronic.com but not on the exact page – If you know who it is and have more info, please post a comment.

3rd Top: Now I really like this photograph, but again I’m lost for any more info on it – is it real? or a composite? The link ends here: www.ryanduenas.com – please help!

* ADDENDUM 7th November 2012*  Third one for the top is from the series “Blinded by the light” by photo artist Carlo van de Roer. http://www.vanderoer.com/Blinded-by-the-Light-1

4th Top: Here’s one that’s easy to spot, it is of course the work of SF French illustrator extraordinaire Moebius this Image is via the fantastic butdoesitfloat.com – check out much more here: http://butdoesitfloat.com/filter/moebius

5th Top: This haunting portrait is the work of another illustrator I’ll be featuring again soon, Autumn Whitehurst – see more from her gorgeous portfolio here.

Bottom: Again this is another piece I’m not entirely sure on, though it looks somewhat similar to the work Cartoonist Spain Rodriguez whom I featured earlier in the year http://bit.ly/bm2l8q

** Proper posts coming soon! please give us a shout if you can help out at all identifying any of the unknown pieces…



18 thoughts on “FFFOUND Collection (1) Nov 10”

  1. great site, yer running here/ i just discovered it.

    and ffffound is amazing,
    haven’t got an account or anything
    but fun to browse for hours at a time

    good show

  2. I’m loving the Simak cover, though drawing up a blank online regarding illustrator. Any clarification out there or larger scans? I’m thinking it’s too painterly to be Spain, think he’s more inked linework, though going out of my way to make this statement it’s probably going to turn out to be Spain

  3. I was around for a prototype of the second drawing from the top. It was for a death metal album cover. On the band’s myspace you can see a color version and another rendering with more octopus weirdness.

    check out my work on my site!

  4. Found this on the Munchkinpress forum, – don’t know how well the software works, but it it does might help identify the Simak cover:

    “One of the tools that I am finding really useful is http://www.tineye.com.

    It is an image comparison search engine. You give it the URL for a picture, and it searches the web for matching images.

    Really handy for researching book covers that use particular paintings – especially foreign language editions, where text searches are less likely to be succesful.

    Tineye doesn’t cover all of the web, but it is usually good enough to find matches even when there are major changes to colour palette, overlaid text, or heavy cropping to the image”.

  5. Hi Kie,

    Always amazing to check in on Sci-Fi-O-Rama!

    About the last cover for City by Simak, I would suggest that it was painted by Davis Meltzer. A good comparison would be his cover for Dick’s “Clans of the Alphane Moon” – http://www.flickr.com/photos/36329240@N06/3451016340/ – one of my personal favorites!

    Spain Rodriquez, as far as I can recall, was almost exclusively working in pen and ink, with intense hues, in the mid-70s. Also, I can’t think of a single case of a Spain Rodriguez cover for Ace books in the 70s… but let me know if there are some.

    Thanks so much for these discoveries!

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