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Sci-Fi-O-Rama Spotify Playlist #02

Sci-Fi-O-Rama Spotify Playlist #02

Here’s a new set of 8 tracks to follow on from last years original “Sci-Fi-O-Rama Spotify Playlist” – this bunch I’ve imaginatively entitled #02!

Once again a bit of a mixed bag of spacey electronic sounds starting with the warm, radial ambiance of Loscil’s “Umbra”, before shifting into slo-mo synth house territory, tripped out techno, finally finishing off with a track from my favourite act of the moment; Blondes and “You mean so much to me”.

Here’s a full tracklisting, hope you enjoy!

1. Loscil – Umbra
2. Coyote – Beat Journey
3. Kathy Diamond, Mario Basanov & Vidis – In My System (Downtown Party Network Remix)
4. Gus Gus – Northern Lights
5 Lazersonic, Zak Frost – Aquaplane (Unit 4 Remix)
6. Dance Disorder – Zusammen (Instrumental)
7. Giorgos Gatzigristos – Binary Star System
8. Blondes – You Mean So Much To Me

Here’s the link for the Spotify URL:

*Note that you must have the Spotify App installed, and of course be signed up to the premium service to dodge the Adverts. Artwork once again from Eric Carl’s fabulous Flickr Photostream: http://is.gd/dgxcE

7 thoughts on “Sci-Fi-O-Rama Spotify Playlist #02”

  1. Cheers Christophe :) glad you like !

    sometimes it’s a little tricky to find the tracks I’m after, seems to be pretty random whats actually on Spotify… I think I might buy the Mp3’s and try a Soundcloud mix next time…

  2. Cheers Jacob,

    that’s nice too know! I’ve lined up another selection of Non Spotify material, and will attempt a soundclound mix next…

    My fav track of this selection (if anyone is interested!) is definitely “Giorgos Gatzigristos – Binary Star System”… well trippy! :)

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