Gentlemen Broncos - Title Sequence

Gentlemen Broncos – Title Sequence

Gentlenmen Broncos - Title Sequence

Gentlenmen Broncos - Title Sequence

Gentlemen Broncos - Title Sequence

Gentlemen Broncos - Title Sequence

Gentlemen Broncos - Title Sequence

Gentlemen Broncos - Title Sequence

Gentlemen Broncos - Title Sequence

Ian Albinson over at the excellent got in touch with me the other day asking me to help identify the original artists and books that were used in the title sequence of the 2009 Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite) Comedy “Gentlemen Broncos“. You can view a movie of the the whole sequence here:

In total of 24 books were used by production designer Richard A Wright in creating the title sequence, and I’ve included a small selection here. A few of the designs look familiar, but I must confess I don’t actually know for sure and wondered whether any readers can help out?

Some notes on the featured images:

Top: This looks either like a Frank Frazetta or possibly Peter Andrew Jones – not sure though!

2nd Top: I was thinking this has an echo of Peter Elson ? looks like a 70’s cover

3rd Top: A really well rendered painting, an older cover I think – early 60s’?

4th Top: This reminds me somewhat of StarWars concept artist Ralph Mcquarrie – late 70’s?

5th Top: No idea here! cool though…

6th Top: Again this looks slightly older – a 60’s cover?

7th Top: I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this one browsing through the extensive Flickr Sci-Fi-Books Pool but alas I didn’t favourite it.

Please do post a comment if you are familiar with any of the covers featured above or from the movie.  Also, do make a point to check out Ian’s site – a superb read & inspiration resource:

Finally here’s a link to the trailer for Gentlemen Broncos staring the excellent Sam Rockwell

18 thoughts on “Gentlemen Broncos – Title Sequence”

  1. Aaaah Thanks for pointing this out, I should of done a bit more reading – Actually that is what thought but then I read the Production Designer had sourced all originals –

    So all original Art, but not necessarily book covers… I’ll amend the post later

  2. The last [Number 6] is I agree by Kelly Freas, but so is no. 3 [or it’s a’ copy’].

    I don’t think no 1 is by either suggested [hard to tell from the image used], but it might be by J [Jeffrey] Jones, who did a lot of similar covers back in the late 60’s and early 7o’s, although his work tended to be a lighter ‘softer’ Frazzeta pastice, but there was a period when he nearly ‘matched’ the style of Frank Frazetta.

    No 2- Peter Elson? I don’t think so – The artist, who is similar in manner to the Alan Aldridge SF covers from the 70’s, Is a style I recognise [I have a paperback with that art style in my collection, but can I find It!].

  3. Hey Russ, Gary & Li-an thanks for the comments!

    Yeah I think I’ve showed up my knowledge (or lack of it here!) for a few wild guesses!

    Aaah well anyway even if most of the covers aren’t strictly authentic they do might a nice set, and moreover an excellent Title Sequence!

    ** Russ I’m going to link to your blog shortly….

  4. do you think they payed the rights to use these artworks?

    A couple years ago I have been contacted by the production of “gentlemen broncos” to use my “invading the vintage” artworks in the titles but as soon as I answered (very happy) talking about rights, usage and fees they vanished and never wrote me again. Too bad… :)

  5. Hey Franco,

    That’s pretty Cool! them getting in touch, shame nothing came of it

    I presume they must of cleared the rights to use these images, whether or not they paid for them, or just were able to use them anyway I’m not sure…. you’d definitely like to think so money went some where for the work….


  6. Yeah… I was so happy when they contacted me, I loved Napoleon Dynamite a lot. I cant wait to see this new movie anyway… I just saw some previews… I hope it will arrive here at least on dvd.


  7. Pretty sure the second from the top is not Peter Elson, – too much airbrushing for him – if anything it reminds me either of Peter Goodfellow, or perhaps Adrian Chesterman.. although neither of them feel quite right for the artwork either.

  8. 3rd is by Bob Fowke for The venom of Argos by Edmund Cooper writing as Richard Avery, 2nd is by Ken Kelly for The Deathworms of Kratos also by Richard Avery

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