Forgotten Trek (1)

Forgotten Trek (1)

Borg Queen Concept Art

Neutrino Welder

Two fine examples of Illustrated Concept Art from the Star Trek Universe, the top Image is the Borg Queen designed for the 1996 film Star Trek: First Contact (best after Wrath of Khan IMO) this concept is quite a bit different to the film version, the carved skull idea here is particularly freaky! .The lower image profiles a Neutrino Welder apparently from the Original Movie Adaptation Star Trek: The Motion Picture – no I can’t remember them either… still, it’s a pretty cool looking suit.

Both these Images come via this superb Star Trek resource: Forgotten Trek a vertible mine of behind the scenes stories, designs, concepts etc. Highly recommend even if your not a Trek fan, if you are however – this site’s worth it’s weight in Gold Pressed Latinum!

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