Simen Johan - Until the Kingdom Comes

Simen Johan – Until the Kingdom Comes

Simen John

Simen John

Simen John

Simen John

Simen John

Simen John

I’ve been running seriously for over a year now and have gathered together and annotated a fairly wide range of material totaling over 200 posts (thanks for all the support!). Obviously some of the featured work I have a fondness for more than others as I’m sure you do to…

What I’m getting at is that this post then – the work of Swedish Artist Simen Johan – is, bar none, is my absolute favourite, I could simply stare at his haunting art for hours, it’s both disturbingly eeire and majestically uplifting, firing a range of emotions. You may also notice that I’ve tagged this with Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy – and you might think what is SF about this work? well personally I’ve always seen the medium as spanning far beyond it’s conventional preconceptions of ray-guns, flying saucers and transmorphing robots. Science Fiction is not just future gazing and escapism it’s about crafting and exploring alternate realities, what ever they might be…

Simen’s work is a merger of traditional film photography with digital methods creating a composite image made up of sometimes as many as 100 negatives. See the full set of  ‘Until the Kingdom Comes’ at Simen’s home site:

Artist’s home site is also there’s some more discussion over here at the excellent

Orignally spotted via FFFFOund

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  1. Hey Andrew,

    cheers for this Links, I’d not seen Patricia’s work before…. wow that’s pretty out there! sort of in a grotesque Chris Cunningham vain.. very interesting work! thanks, I’ll add that to the posting pile….

    The Peter Hennessy Work is cool too, yeap like the ‘moon landing’ and the ‘voyager’ recreations…. nicely done


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