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  1. Ben says:

    i like this one in particular. thought i was looking at some moebius for a minute… blog looks really nice too mate. hope you’re well fella.

  2. Kie says:

    YO Ben, yeah I’d never seen any of Juan Gimenez’s work till I started this blog, great isin’t it – very sexy – and the girl’s alright too - < < that’s his portfolio site

    Cheer’s for the comment’s! hope to get in to see you lad’s soon ! Mike tells me you been enjoying yourself recently ;-)


  3. troygalluzzi says:

    That’s great on so many levels. Totally thought it was Jean Giraud at first too.
    Thanks for sharing.

  4. Kie says:

    100% Agreed Troy :)

    thumbs up for your site by the way, nice design and slick Drawing style..

  5. Jon Davis says:

    This painting was also used (don’t know if it was with permission) for the Chinese translation of Robert Silverberg’s novel Thorns.

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