The Mike Hinge Experience (1)

Dec 6th, 2008 | Categories: Graphics | Illustration | Mike Hinge | Sci-Fi

The Mike Hinge Experience

The Mike Hinge Experience

The Mike Hinge Experience

The Mike Hinge Experience - Cover

All scans taken from the fantastic “The Mike Hinge Experience” 1973… I managed to find a copy of this via It’s an extremely interesting portfolio book that demonstrates Illustrator Designer Mike Hinge was well ahead of his time. A fascinating blend of Art Noveau inspired Psychedelia with a definite techno edge, especially so when you consider it predates Adobe Illustrator by at the very least 15 yrs…  The things we take for granted these days!

I’ll post more from Mike Soon….

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  1. Eric says:

    Great stuff, really hoping to pick this up.

  2. Eric Schlappi says:

    I recently discovered Mike Hinge through a breathtakingly gorgeous story in a 1978 heavy metal magazine, and these images are about the only other thing I have been able to find. Would you be willing to please scan more of this book? I have not been able to find a copy anywhere.

  3. Kie says:

    Hey Eric,
    Yeah there doesn’t seem to be a lot of Mike Hinge imagery on the web – I bought his book via Amazon for $30 or so, alas it’s now listed as unvailable – I do have some more scan’s of it however, so I’ll post some more soon :)

  4. Will @ AJRMS says:

    Lucky bastard. This book is now on my list. I just discovered him via Eric’s cover scan:

  5. dan says:

    I’ll second the request for more scans – I can’t find the book anywhere – really good stuff. Sad that he was so ahead of his time, then forgotten about as computers started to dominate illustration/life the universe and everything.

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