Rodney Matthews – Transarctica

Rodney Matthews - Transarctica

Cover Box art again from, you guessed it, the early 90’s. Transarctica was a 16-bit steampunk themed strategy/management game developed by now defunct French Software Silmarils. Interestingly the actual art “Heavy Metal Hero” was produced in 1985 by Britsh Sci-Fi & Fantasy Illustrator Rodney Matthews, the game itself features designs based upon that image, so basically Transarctica seems to have been envisaged BECAUSE of the Cover Art! Can’t imagine this has happened too many times.

More on the game here:

Rodney Matthews has had a long career in Fantasy and Sci-fi Illustration spanning several decades. Akin to Roger Dean he’s also produced a large body of work for the music industry being responsible for well over seventy LPs sleeves, his first commission was for Thin Lizzy in 1969. See his site here

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