It is with great sadness that we say farewell to Argentinean comics legend Juan Giménez. On April 2nd, 2020, at the age of 76, he died from complications related to COVID-19.

Born in Mendoza, Argentina and educated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Barcelona, Spain, Giménez was a powerful influence on the sci-fi and fantasy art cultures of three continents. As a teenager in the early 1960s he published works in the magazines of his home country. As a young man in the 1970s he consistently published in the top sci-fi and fantasy magazines of Spain, Italy, and France, including the vaunted Metal Hurlant. By the start of the 1980s he had become a regular contributor to the genre-defining American magazine Heavy Metal and worked as a designer on the 1981 animated film of the same name.

Above: Selections from Giménez’s long career.

He is most famous, however, for his long-lasting collaboration with fellow Argentinean Alejandro Jodorowsky on the multi-arc “Metabarons” comic series, which began in 1992 and continued for more than a decade. When he began this work Giménez was nearing 50 years old, a veteran artist completely assured in his style and abilities. All the hallmarks of his earlier work were on full display here; remarkable attention to technical details, dramatic design sense for machines and costumes, a seamless blending of the ancient and the high-tech, and an appealing, tough authenticity. His master vision built the “Metabarons” into one of the all-time great space operas, a work admired equally by fans and peers.

Above: Some favorite images from the “Metabarons” saga.

Upon hearing of his friend’s death, Jodorowsky gave the following statement: “I closely collaborated with Juan Giménez for 10 years and together, we created The Metabarons saga. What facilitated my task… was that he already embodied the immortal No-Name, the last Metabaron. In my unconscious, Juan Giménez cannot die. He will continue on, drawing like the master warrior that he was.”

Above: More selections from the epic portfolio of Juan Giménez.

Read more about Juan Giménez and his work in Heavy Metal‘s farewell to their old friend.

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  1. Sad news,…fingers crossed that his estate is able to get Metabaron saga not film,…greater story than Star Wars and Star Trek combined,….same for Moebius Incal series,…

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