The Sci-Fi-O-Rama team is exhilarated to announce our official relaunch of the blog!

Sci-Fi-O-Rama has been on the Internet as an expression of our love for science fiction and fantasy art and design since 2008, and has seen the Internet change radically over those twelve years. Today we are making changes that catch us up to the present and lay a solid foundation for an exciting future.

The site is now fully redesigned for a cleaner interface and sharper look. We have worked hard on a smart, pared-down design for a better legibility, simpler navigation, and above all, a clear focus on the art that is this blog’s core reason for being.

We have ensured better integration of the blog with our social media presence, with clear links to our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook profiles. Our Facebook community has grown to be a major part of the Sci-Fi-O-Rama universe in the last two years, and now a feed of its imagery is cleanly integrated into the right margin of every post.

Along with the redesign, this relaunch is a commitment to more and better content. We have plans for more artist profiles and interviews; for big feature pieces as well as quick snapshots. We will be publishing more fiction from up-and-coming authors and testing out new types of content.

Best of all, the Sci-Fi-O-Rama team has grown to take on these new challenges! Two new interstellar wanderers are joining Kieran, Ben, and Erik:

CG Inglis joins us as a contributing writer, fresh off of the success of his remarkable fiction series, A Colour Like Orange.

Alexandra Cîmpan provided the expertise behind the blog redesign, and joins us as our in-house website guru.

To celebrate the relaunch, Irish artist Matt Griffin presented us with a wonderful gift, the gloriously metal piece of sci-fantasy grandeur you see above, an original artwork for Sci-Fi-O-Rama entitled “Space Wizard.” Our heartfelt thanks to Matt for catering to our ridiculous interests so perfectly!

And a heartfelt thanks to all of you who follow the blog, whether you’ve been with us for years or are arriving for the first time. The future is bright.

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