Ralph Mcquarrie - Battlestar Galactica
Ralph Mcquarrie - Battlestar Galactica

Art from one of the worlds premier Sci-Fi Artist’s featured on Sci-Fi-O-Rama for the first time. I’d like to point out that it’s not on merit that Ralphs not popped up before. Ralph Mcquarrie IS Star Wars, every bit as much as George Lucas and if you seek Star Wars Art (and why shouldn’t you!) I recommend a Google/Yahoo or Flickr image search.

So Back to (70’s) Battlestar Galactica, and following on from the prior post here are some of  Ralph Mcquarrie’s original concept paintings. Ralph’s work – of course – is pretty close to the finished models/art, but as with his Star Wars art its slightly more streamlined and spindly, in the way that only concept art can be. Cooler perhaps?

BTW the reason why this blog isn’t laced with art from visionaries like Syd Mead or Ralph Mcquarrie is that a simple google search (or better yet bookshop) will yield far classier info than I can provide. It’s not that these artists aren’t amazing  (of course they are! ) Sci-Fi-O-Rama is more about the off-beat.

Images Sourced Via this BSG forum: http://galacticabbs.com/index.php?showtopic=1931

For more Info:

See a complete overview of his Battlestar Galactica paintings here:

Or an overview of his concept art for Battlestar Galactica here:http://www.galactica.tv/battlestar-galactica-1978—news/ralph-mcquarrie-concept-sketches.html

Thank you Marcel!

7 thoughts on “Ralph McQuarrie – Battlestar Galactica

  1. I love his art ,does somebody know a shop where they sell his pictures? I would like to buy the picture where the guy is standing next to his viper on that lonely planet.

  2. The colored images aren’t for sale (as a poster or something). They come from a preliminary pilot script (Saga of a Star World) that was used by Glen Larson to sell the project to the studios. The original paintings are lost (Ralph McQuarrie doesn’t own them anymore and doesn’t know who does).

    There’s are b/w photos of images (8×10) in the official Universal promotional photograph set which often can be found on eBay.

    I can send you a scan of the colored image for personal use. Drop me email through the website.

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