Dan McPharlin – Interview

Dan McPharlin - Spilling Over Every Side

Dan McPharlin - Glowing In The Darkest Night

Dan McPharlin - New Age Outlaws

Dan McPharlin - The Sword

Dan McPharlin -Year One

Dovetailing neatly into our 300th post (thanks for all the orders so far!) we have another special feature; an exclusive in depth interview with Australian artist/designer and Sci-Fi-O-Rama logo creator Dan McPharlin. Before I start that I’ll quickly add some notes on the selected imagery…

Top: “Pretty Lights – Spilling Over Every Side” Cover art for 6 Track CD / Download. An excellent example of Dan’s powerful blending of Sci-Fi elements and the geometric surreal – as with all of his work much of the feel is down to the warm painterly textures. I’m

Dan Mcpharlin – Making Up A Changing Mind

Dan Mcpharlin - Making Up A Changing Mind

A recent E.P Cover from Dan McPharlin the first in a planned series of three, lovely stuff as usual blurring the line between hard Sci-Fi and abstract geometric design/art, washed with a beautiful lime palette. The font used is the classic Serif Gothic looks great particularly in the heavier cuts.

Art via Dan’s regularly updated Flickr Stream¬† http://www.flickr.com/photos/danmcp/

Dan McPharlin – Wired Italia

Dan McPharlin – Wired Italia

Dan Mcpharlin - Wired Italia

Dan Mcpharlin - Wired Italia

Dan Mcpharlin - Wired Italia

Ok so here we have something of a Sci-Fi-O-Rama Exclusive! A set of 3 gorgeous SF Illustrations commissioned for the May 2009 edition of Wired Italia. The accompanying future gazing article hypothesizes the year 2061, where Italians are living on the moon – hence the Earthrise in the middle image! Super cool stuff from Dan as always; from his trademark lush textures, right down to the subtle 70’s-esque borders…

Images Courtesy of Dan Mcpharlin http://www.flickr.com/photos/danmcp/
and Wired Italia http://www.wired.it/

** Addendum Sept 1st 2009:

Related content – Bruce Sterling (author of the Wired Article) http://blog.wired.com/sterling

Dan Mcpharlin – The Forest of Oversensitivity EP

Dan Mcpharlin - The Forest of Oversensitivity

More lush sleeve art from Dan McPharlin this a recent 12″ design for Prefuse 73 (AKA Guillermo Scott Herren) “The Forest of Oversensitivity EP” released via the UK’s premier electronic label Warp Records. Aside from the transfixing Illustration itself, much kudos for using the chunky black header and retro-themed SF logo – wicked, as usual.

Sourced from a Dan’s Flickr Photostream http://www.flickr.com/photos/danmcp/ loads more fantastic work, but also a perfect example of why these days (with a Flickr Pro account) bespoke portfolio sites aren’t entirely necessary!