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Jun 13th, 2009 | Categories: Airbrush / Realistic | Art | Chris Foss | Illustration | Sci-Fi

Chris Foss

Chris Foss

Chris Foss - The Gods Themselves

Chris Foss - Slan

Chris Foss - Second Moonbeast

A further selection from British Artist Chris Foss one of the true masters of Sci-Fi Art.

I’ve collected these sample’s together as they best serve to highlight the elements I find most interesting in Chris’s work. IMO these are: the ship designs themselves (naturally)  the striped and checkered lexicon he adorns these craft with, the simply stunning cloudfields, aurora and rock formations, but of course most importantly of all – it’s all about the lighting.

A little more about the samples:

Top: This design typifies all of Chris’s aforementioned traits, a bulbous, large vented craft wrapped with industrial zig-zagging descending through a heavenly cloudscape…

Second: A breathtaking alien vista, incredible lighting tricks here, love all the soft glows.

Third: Something of a Gerry Anderson “Thunderbirds” feel here, again it’s all about the markings.

Fourth & Fifth: two different craft designs, one cylindrical the other very geometric, posed at a very similar angles – great atmospheric effects (corona / dustcloud).

Artwork collected and featured via: Net-Cafe Astrona: – do check Astrona for a much larger gallery and more artist info….

Probably the best way to get a true feel for Chris’s Style is to track down one of his books, try ebay of course for a bargain, or has a wide selection here: or better yet try Chris’s Home site: where for a there’s the chance to buy signed prints!

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