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Before I start I’d like to point out all material is sourced via this amazing Aliens tribute site: Though it doesn’t appear to have been updated for a some time it’s still extremely extensive, with script revisions, FX info and costume design and detailing – a must read!

So with regards to this post… here we have a small selection of storyboard frames from everybody’s favourite “Vietnam in Space” movie: Aliens – (Directed James Cameron, 1986). Theses samples are taken from across several drafts I believe and were illustrated by artists Roger Dear, Maciek Piotrowski and Denis Rich, apparently these scan’s are taken from the films Laser Disc Release, although full versions (copies?) of the storyboard do crop occasionally on ebay. The first thing you notice is just how close to the final film print they actually are, you can almost hear them! I’ve tried to arrange them in chronological order from top left and across –  I’m not sure the final “fueling” thumbnail (bottom row) made it into the film.

As for the film itself, well I think there’s a fair chance that if your reading this you’ve probably seen it more than once. Better than Ridley Scott’s original? well it’s hardly worth arguing over as both will forever be tagged as visionary film making. As for the sequels? Alien 3 nullifies the events of it’s predecessor and ultimately pails into insignificance, though Fincher’s effort does have it’s merits including some great sets and very nifty camera work. Ressurection as with 3 is best enjoyed when you remove all thought’s of the first two movies, it’s watchable nonsense which is more than can be said for you know what….

Here’s a funny clip giving you a insight into James Cameron’s thoughts on that which is unmentionable:

Ridley Scott’s Storyboard for Alien is here:

Ridley Scott – Bladerunner Storyboard

Ridley Scott - Bladerunner Storyboard

A section of Ridley Scott’s storyboard sketches for Bladerunner, demonstrating once again his flair for drawing and his passion for details. These dystopian scenes in particular – Deckards visit to the Tyrell Corp HQ – were inspired by Ridley’s youth and memories of the night-time vista of oil refineries and steel mills, the fabric of 60’s industrial Teeside (North East England).

EDIT – June 2012 ****

These storyboards were drawn by Tom Cranham at EEG (the effects house ) for the film Blade Runner. Mr. Scott supervised every shot but did not draw these sketches. Sherman Labby drew an earlier set of storyboards for this scene but more drawings were ordered. Tom Southwell production illustrator : Blade Runner 1980-81