Dean Ellis (5) High Wire Act

Nov 12th, 2009 | Categories: Dean Ellis | Illustration | Omni Magazine | Sci-Fi

Dean Ellis - High Wire Act

A fifth appearance on Sci-Fi-O-Rama for one of America’s premier 20th century Sci-fi Artist’s; Dean Ellis who sadly passed away last month (12th October 2009). This piece was featured in the July 1981 edition of Omni Magazine accompanying an article on the concept of Arthur C Clarke’s Space Eleveator. Read the full article here:

Dean’s friend Justine has contacted the blog directly asking for help compiling a list of Dean’s works and illustrations, so here’s a shout out to anyone who knows of or owns any Books/Magazines that carry Dean’s magnificent work… I’ve featured 4 here already and will continue to do so, but of course there are so many more… any help, hints will be greatly appreciated.

Omni Magazine – Ute Osterwald

May 20th, 2009 | Categories: Illustration | Omni Magazine | Retro | Sci-Fi

Omni Magazine - Ute Osterwald

Thought I’d do a another quick Omni Magazine Post as quite a few visitors have been searching for it…

This is the cover of the July 1981 edition of the classic SF magazine and is taken from a 25 piece set over on Eric Carl’s Flickr account: Some superb examples old-school SF slanted Photomontage/Illustration/Design, some very much of it’s time, some still strikingly fresh, all still extremely cool – definitely recommended!

Art by Ute Osterwald – alas not much info on him other another than he produced 2 other Omni covers Nov 1979 & Jul 1980 – See these here: Omni Magazine Online

Omni Magazine – War Of The Worlds

Aug 25th, 2008 | Categories: Airbrush / Realistic | Omni Magazine | Psygnosis | Roger Dean | Sci-Fi | Tim White

Roger Dean / Tim White - War Of The Worlds

Roger Dean / Tim White - War Of The Worlds

Two renderings of H.G.Wells Martian Tripods, from the novel “War of the Worlds” The menacing top Illustration is a close up of the cab, note the circling crows indicating an inert tripod – turned over by germs! The Second Illustration has a real sense of scale, three tripods under the aurora borealis and a violet northern sky

These images a part of a set that ran in Omni Magazine 1985, they are a co-production of designers Roger Dean, Martyn Dean, Tim White and Richard Clifton-Dey. The Illustrations were also re-licensed and used again by Psygnosis (who else!) for the 1987 Computer game “Terrorpods” and thats where I first came across them. Definitely in my all time top 5.

These Images are taken Courtesy of Dr. Zeus who’s expansive site is a homage to all things WOTW.

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