Barnaby Ward Illustration
Barnaby Ward Illustration
Barnaby Ward Illustration
Barnaby Ward - Leavetakings

A very welcome to return to Sci-Fi-O-Rama for contemporary Sci-Fi/Fantasy Fashion Illustrator Barnaby Ward definitely one of my favourite featured artists. As is clearly demonstrated here, Barnaby’s capable of drawing extremely beautiful female characters whom he vivaciously mixes with the surreal and bizarre, such a cool inspiring style that always makes me want to grab a pen and start scribbling. In fact, I’d go as far to say that’s there’s really only one other contemporary Illustrator capable of drawing quite such gorgeous, stylised characters and that’s Britain’s Jason Brooks.

Ok so to the notes on the Images, the top four here I’ve cropped from a series of large Illustration intended as desktop backgrounds, there’s a full set of 9 available via Barnaby’s expertly presented portfolio site: The final Illustration is a teaser illustration for his next major Illustrative project ‘Leavetaking’ all very much under wraps at the moment!

Finally, If you’ve not had a look before I also highly recommended checking Barnaby’s past Graphic Novel Work and the superb ‘Sixteen Miles to Merricks‘.

6 thoughts on “Barnaby Ward (4)

  1. Just today a friend lend me Sixteen Miles to Merricks. This after a conversation we had the other day when he told me he actually met Barnaby and spent sometime with him while he was living here in Costa Rica. Such a small world!

  2. I’m sure Barnaby gets this a bit from South Australians, but he has the same name as a truly brilliant comedian songwriter who died tragically in 2002.

    Dude wrote like half of his songs in 7/4 time. An extremely talented guy.

    Anyway, that’s a cool fact.

  3. Nice comment Orlando 🙂 That’s Barnaby’s talent explained then – 7/4 time! I can’t even think how that works…

  4. Z – that wasn’t alejandro by any chance was it?

    orlando – the similarities between this barnaby and that barnaby are actually pretty eerie. there’s definitely some kind of funny connection there. it’s really a shame he passed away at such a young age.

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