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Aug 14th, 2010 | Categories: Illustration | Kelly Freas | Michael Whelan | Retro | Salinas Blanch | Sci-Fi | Scientific

North American X15

The Man Who Fell to Earth


Kelly Freas - Rhapsody in black

Micheal Whelan Spring

Ok so once again apologies for the sparse activity on Sci-Fi-O-Rama, legitimate excuses this time – broken shoulder via downhill mountain biking then stolen Mac Book Pro via little scumbags! Anyway all up and running again (thanks to time machine and a sling) so I’m going to start off with an easy post, another Flickr favourite round up, here’s the notes on the images…

Top: “North American X-15″ – A superb painting of the legendary late 50′s experimental Rocket/Space plane, which at Mach 6.72 still hold the record for the fastest manned flight… Well worth reading a bit more about: Here’s an additional link to an amazing photograph that shows the X15 slung under a B52 wing (from which it was launched) …the Cold War did have it’s perks… Not sure of the artist here so please post if you now more, Illustration via X-Ray Delta One

2nd Top “The Man Who Fell to Earth” – a subtle composition and unusual Gothic display font make up this interesting jacket for the 1963 Walter Tevis SF novel that was adapted to the big screen (starring David Bowie) by Nicholas Roeg in 1976. The covers tattered quality lends that extra finishing coat of charm. via Curly-Wurly

3rd Top “Los amos del tiempo” (The Masters of Time) – Another feature for one of my favourite artist’s listed here, Horacio Salinas Blanch, this cover with it’s ultra vivid palette typifies his work, such a great style… Art via C. Rancio

4th Top “Rhapsody in Black” – A beautiful enchantress takes prominence in this haunting book cover by late American SF Illustrator Maestro Kelly Freas. Illustration via mystique123_2000 – a wonderful photostream.

Bottom: “Spring” This final image is a sister piece to something I posted almost two years ago, exuberant flamboyance from Michael Whelan. Illustration via Flickr user Fantasy.Gallery also check Michael Whelan’s portfolio at:

More updates soon…

Salinas Blanch (4)

Feb 6th, 2009 | Categories: Airbrush / Realistic | Illustration | Salinas Blanch | Sci-Fi

Salinas Blanch

Salinas Blanch

Salinas Blanch

As I’ve been a bit slack with posting as of late, here’s a multi-image selection from big time Sci-Fi-O-Rama favourite; Spanish 70′s/80′s Sci-Fi book cover artist Salinas Blanch. Unfortunately I still know very little about Salinas himself, though his supreme neon-fauvist-airbrushing-style will always have a home here! If you’d like see a full gallery of his work and more do check the link below…

Image’s via flickr user C. Rancio has a collection of 30 covers here:

Salinas Blanch – En la Arena Estelar

Oct 20th, 2008 | Categories: Illustration | Salinas Blanch | Sci-Fi

This is another post featuring Spanish (I believe) Artist Salinas Blanch, producer of many excellent Sci-fi book covers during the 70′s – I love this super punchy style, and definitely doable these days with Adobe Illustrator’s fancy blending / meshing tools I reckon…

If anyone knows any more about Salinas Blanch, please drop us a mail…

Illustration for the Spanish Language version of “En la Arena Estelar”  translated “In the stellar sand” an alternative tile for Asimov’s  “The Stars Like Dust” originally published in 1951. Read more about that here:,_Like_Dust

Scan via Flickr user Pelz:

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