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Oct 31st, 2010 | Categories: Fantasy | Illustration | Low Palette | Moebius | Philippe Caza | Psychedelic | Sci-Fi

Enki Bilal

Unknown French Sci-Fi Illustration

Philippe Caza

Wojciech Siudmak

A Halloween special here, consisting of zero Halloween related material! Instead what we do have is an excellent selection of obscure(ish) French SF Illustration…

These images come via a blogger site maintained by “Clifford Brown” (an anonymous pseudonym) The focus is mainly on vintage soft erotic magazines and related material; however Clifford also blends the occasional SF & Fantasy Scan into the mix, and that’s where this set has come from…

Here’s a link to the full post with 30 or so large scans: there is some mild nudity on the site, hence the warning. Merci beaucoup à Pierre for originally pointing me in the right direction!

Top: I think this is a Moebius Illustration (or is it Enki Bilal?) as I’m unsure of the source I can’t confirm – If you do know the origin please post a comment…

2nd Top: No real info on this piece I’m afraid, I’m guessing it’s from the 60′s? – The creatures great anyway…

3rd Top: This is definitely the work of Philippe Caza, again I’m not sure of the exact source though it’s dated 1973. Caza really does possess a knack when it comes to Illustrating freaky looking monsters – out there! Check more of Philippe Caza here

Bottom: A slice of Psychedelic Sci-Fi and Surrealism dating from 1970, these paintings are part of a set composed by polish born but French based artist: Wojciech Siudmak – more of him here:

Once again the link to the source:

Philippe Caza (1)

Feb 22nd, 2009 | Categories: Illustration | Low Palette | Philippe Caza | Sci-Fi

Philippe Caza

An illustration somewhat reminiscent of the abstraction of The Vienna Secession, art by French Illustrator/Comic book artist Philippe Caza (born 1941) another prominent Heavy Metal contributor. Caza as with contemporaries Moebius, Phillippe Druillet and Enki Bilal offer’s a very idiosyncratic often stunning style…

See some more of his work here:

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