Mike Hinge – The Leaves of Time

Oct 28th, 2009 | Categories: Illustration | Mike Hinge | Psychedelic | Sci-Fi

Mike Hinge - The Leaves of Time

Mike Hinge - The Leaves of Time

First of all apologies regarding the hiatus between posting on Sci-Fi-O-Rama, no excuses! So then, SCSI cables are dusted off, my SyQuest drive’s green light is flickering, just waiting then for the Scanner to warm up and Photoshop 3.0 to load…. Hmmm, fuck that, lets start then instead with a something from my Flickr favourite bank; a classic psychedelic Mike Hinge book cover produced for Neal Barret Jr’s 1971 Novel “The Leaves of Time”.

I love the work of New Zealand born Mike Hinge and have featured his work three times before, and I’m also lucky enough to own a copy his uber rare portfolio book “The Mike Hinge Experience” and I’ll post some more from that soon…. There’s a little more on the life of Mike here at wikipedia

This Image comes via Flickr User via Flickr User mystique123_2000 who actually trades in vintage & rare books (cool!). See more of her SF collection here: or visit her Amazon Store front:

Addendum: Also of considerable interest the porporbooksblog has scans of the July 1979 Heavy Metal Magazine, which features the Mike Hinge & Neal Adams illustrated story ‘…Rears Its Ugly Green Head’
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The Mike Hinge Experience (1)

Dec 6th, 2008 | Categories: Graphics | Illustration | Mike Hinge | Sci-Fi

The Mike Hinge Experience

The Mike Hinge Experience

The Mike Hinge Experience

The Mike Hinge Experience - Cover

All scans taken from the fantastic “The Mike Hinge Experience” 1973… I managed to find a copy of this via It’s an extremely interesting portfolio book that demonstrates Illustrator Designer Mike Hinge was well ahead of his time. A fascinating blend of Art Noveau inspired Psychedelia with a definite techno edge, especially so when you consider it predates Adobe Illustrator by at the very least 15 yrs…  The things we take for granted these days!

I’ll post more from Mike Soon….

Mike Hinge – A Choice of Gods

Nov 13th, 2008 | Categories: Illustration | Mike Hinge | Sci-Fi

Mike Hinge - A Choice of Gods

Sci-fi Psychedelia! Covert Art for a 70′s edition of Clifford D.Simak’s novel “A Choice of Gods” – by New Zealand Born Designer/Illustrator Mike Hinge.

A big cyber-thumbs-up to Eric Carl for this submission – read more about this piece and Mike Hinge via his Flickr Feed:

Check Eric’s own slick looking graphic art at his portfolio site: (nice use of javascript!) and his Blog – excellent selection of both retro and bleeding edge Design/Illustration. Recommended!

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