Bruno 9li

Apr 21st, 2009 | Categories: Animated GIF | Bruno 9li | Graphics | Illustration | Sci-Fi

Bruno 9li

Here’s something I spotted on FFFFound a while back and bookmarked, super freaky techno spirtualism! courtesy of Brasilian Illustrator / Artist Bruno 9li (AKA Bruno Novelli) – this character an off-the-wall, underwater mix of Afrika Bambaataa Planet Rock, Shiva and erm Tron!  Not just a great style, but also a great demonstration of how  even with just a few frames it’s possible to breath life into an  Illustration via the simple medium of an animated GIF loop – clever stuff indeed!

See much more of Bruno’s random and chaotic style’s at : check out the videos section too!

Also of interest: a quick flick through of his book ‘Agora Eterno’ alas this seems a little hard to get hold of? is out of print?

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