Barney Bubbles – Hawkwind / Space Ritual

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The superb graphic art of Barney Bubbles, this the Sleeve Art for the equally superb 1973 Hawkwind Album “Space Ritual”.

I originally posted about Hawkwind’s and there associated art back in January  - Barney Bubbles – Hawkwind – and as I’ve been enjoying (very much) some of there early albums via Spotify I felt compelled to post again…

If your interested in finding out more about Barney Bubbles (AKA Colin Fulcher) Check these resources:

Paul Gorman’s “Reasons to be Cheerful”  Blog Paul is also the author of this fabulous coffee table book on all things Barney, available via Amazon

There’s also more art and some good discussion at the excellent blog of Illustrator/Designer John Coulthart.

Barney Bubbles – Hawkwind

Jan 17th, 2009 | Categories: Barney Bubbles | Fantasy | Illustration | Sci-Fi

Hawkwind - Hall of the Mountain Grill

Hawkwind - In Search of Space

Hawkwind - Aura Rhanes/Initiate keeper of Queen Thoras' Weyrling

Hawkwind - Fanon/Dragon Commando

A selection of graphic illustration’s produced for UK Space Rock Band “Hawkwind” all by the late UK Designer Barney Bubble’s (July 1942 – Nov 1983).

Here’s a quick breakdown of the featured samples, from the top: “In Search of Space” this was Hawkwind’s 2nd Studio album and dates from 1971. Second down is “The Hall of the Mountain Grill” this was the band’s 4th Album, released in 1974, often regarded as there career high point. The lower two pieces, are part of a series of poster’s I believe – produced around the time of “Doremi Fasol Latido” their 3rd Album dated 1972.

Barney Bubble’s (real name: Colin Fulcher) career began with initially cutting his teeth as a Typographer before moving on to become a Senior Graphic Designer for the Conran Group in the mid Sixties. During this period he began to become involved in London’s blossoming counter-cultural underground scene, and thus the start of his road to becoming one of the most renowned independent British Music Designer’s of 70′s and early 80′s…. Read more at wikipedia:

Also definitely worth a read… Contemporary designer and Illustrator John Coulthart has featured a superb and encompassing feature on Barney over at his excellent ‘Feuilleton’ blog

** Update March 2009

Check Paul Gorman’s brand new “Reasons to be Cheerful”  Blog

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