Chris Moore “Grounded”

Chris Moore - Grounded

Aaaah Airbrush art, isn’t it better than digital 3d model rigging and lighting? Well, that’s up for debate, but I reckon unless it’s Halo it certainly bloody is. Airbrush-style is not real, its super real (super-realism), digital creations mostly differ, they look to real but yet unreal – it’s like comparing movies like The Thing (1982) and Aliens (1986) to modern CGI stuff, give me a ketchup-pissing animatronic puppet any day of the genre. Back to the image, and what I love about this composition is its all about the suggestion, plus whats sexier looking tech-wise than near future fighter jets?

Anyway Chris Moore (Yorkshire Lad) is an absolute master at techno airbrush art, check his website, it’s full of Gung-Ho US Military renderings and other Sci-fi extrodinnaire

Wayne Barlowe – Darwin IV “Skewer”

Wayne Barlowe - Darwin IV “Skewer”

Wicked Sci-Fi / Fantasy Art by American Artist Wayne Barlowe. Having an interest in decent Sci-fi Art means I’ve trawled though lots of, erm, not so decent Sci-fi art looking for stuff to post up here, but it’s worth it when something as original and whacked-out as this pops up! Initially, I thought the wings were forward swept – which would have been even darker/better! – but actually, the prong is the front, hence “Skewer”!

“Skewer” is part of Barlowe’s “Darwin IV Expedition” book which is kinda like a serious version the Ricky Gervais book “Flanimals” but thankfully, not drawn with felt tips. Wayne’s since worked on creature design for big-time Hollywood films such as Galaxy Quest & Hellboy.

Read more about The Skewer and visit Wayne’s Site here, or better yet check out more info on the 2005 Pseudo Documentry based on “Expedition” at

Steinar Lund – Xiphos & Driller

Steiner Lund “Xiphos” Cover Art

Steiner Lund “Driller” Box Art

Retro Game Box Art from the 80’s by Norwegian/UK Illustrator Steinar.

More Sci-Fi game stuff, both these games employed a similar 3d engine that allowed you to explore an expansive low-poly game world, hinted at here on the covers. Steinar Lund did several other covers in the 80’s and 90’s these I like best though, epic & very distinctive. He has his own website now at check the retro games section for more digital/airbrush work…

Chris Foss “Travelling Cities”

Chris Foss Travelling Cities

“Travelling Cities” by British Illustrator and Sci-Fi Artist Chris Foss, used as a cover for “Diary of a Spaceperson” (Paper Tiger, 1990).

Chris Foss (born 1946) is a well renowned Sci-Fi Illustrator, much imitated in fact sometimes literally, see Turner Prize-winning Painter Glenn Brown. It’s fair to say Foss is a genuine visual innovator like Syd Mead or H.R Giger. In fact, Chris Foss was also involved in the production of Ridley Scotts Alien, providing the space hardware Ying to Giger’s Bio-mechanical Yang.


Interphase Game Box Art

Even More Game Box art Box with a Sci-Fi Theme, again from the golden age of 16-bit Computer gaming, a time of more original, intelligent and visionary game concepts etc, etc. Anyway, Interphase was a first-person and top-down Action/Puzzle game that played like a prototype of “Descent” if anyone is familiar with that… The cyberpunk themed plot is based around jacking into a large corporation (The Dreamtrack Corporation) and doing the rounds and – as you do with games – putting a stop to there evil world domination plans.

Read more about it over at the excellent site click here.

Blood Money - Peter Andrew Jones

More game box artwork, this time from 1990 ‘Blood Money’ produced for legendary UK software house Psygnosis, art by Peter Andrew Jones. Great moody character, that’s more reminiscent of Star Trek then Stars Wars (ie: a lot fucking cooler) anyway love the tiny piggy eyes! The shot is ripped from the excellent site, which is like for computer games, well worth checking out if you are a gamer.