Hindu Deities – by Spectrum

Ganesa - By Spectrum Design

Bala Krishna - By Spectrum Design

Krishna - By Spectrum Design

Maha Vishnu - By Spectrum Design

Kali - By Spectrum Design

Namaste! I’ve just returned from a 3 week break in South India, which I’d thoroughly recommend to anyone, such an amazing place and people. Amidst the traveling and odd bit of partying (thumbs up for Arambol North Goa and The Silent Disco near Palolem South Goa) I kept my beady eye out for bit’s to collect for the blog, and now own a substantial collection of outlandish Hindu graphic paraphernalia, including window stickers, postcards, labels and even (my fave) some super kitsch Lenticular Printed Artwork which of course, sadly am unable to scan 🙁

So here’s the first batch of my collection, I’ve tried my best to match the vivid, lurid colouring through scanning and tweaking, and whilst I’m sure these designs perhaps won’t be every readers ‘Cup of Chai’ personally I just can’t get enough of the relentless iridescence and saturation overdrive…

Here’s a bit more on each card and deity, I won’t attempt to explain the history or symbolism with each image as alas currently it’s a subject matter I know little buy brand lipitor about – so please feel free to post and explain more!

Top: This beautiful, tropical rendering is “Ganesa” (also spelt also spelled Ganesha or Ganesh) perhaps the most instantly recognisble of all the Hindu pantheon. Read more about Ganesa.

2nd Top: A portrait of “Bala Krishna” literally meaning “Child Krishna” or “Divine Child Krishna”. Read more about Bala Krishna.

3rd Top: This is “Krishna” often depicted as here playing a flute, he’s also known by many other names and titles including Govinda, “finder of cows”, or Gopala, “protector of cows”.

4th Top: The Cobra crowned ‘Maha Vishnu‘ or “Sri Maha Vishnu’.

Bottom: The Goddess Kali also known as Kalika is the Hindu goddess associated with eternal energy. The name Kali comes from k?la, which means black, time, death, lord of death, Shiva.

All images scanned from original postcards – produced by “Spectrum” for vzindia.com


I’ll run a future post with some of the gorgeous sticker designs, and create a full sticker set – but next up a special feature on a certain Austin TX based collective…