Colonial Marines Technical Manual (1)

Colonial Marines Technical Manual (1)

Mk.35 Pressure Suit


Alien Cutaway

Scans taken “The Colonial Marines Technical Manual” written and illustrated by Lee Brimmicombe-Wood and published by Boxtree in 1995… I’ll have to admit this rare book is one of my prize possessions!

“The Colonial Marines Technical Manual” if you hadn’t of guessed is basically an analytical expansion on all the military hardware envisaged and designed for the movie Aliens. This book covers in an insane level of detail everything this buy lipitor no prescription future American fighting force has at it’s disposal, from the things you’ll recognise: Pulse Rifles, Drop Ships & Smart Guns etc through to things you won’t: Ghille Suits, Rocket Launchers, Tanks and much more…

If you’ve ever watched Aliens and wondered just how many floating point operations a Synth – sorry – Artificial Person is capable of processing per second then this is simply an absolute must read!

James Cameron – LV-426 “Acheron”

James Cameron - LV 426 Acheron

A rare glimpse of some of James Cameron’s original concept artwork for his 1986 masterpiece “Aliens”. This topographical painting his re-imagining of the films nightmare planet, the inhospitable, unearthly bleakness that is LV-426 Acheron, a dimly lit world ravaged by screaming wind and lashed with perpetual storms….. not unlike a few places in the UK I can think of, only their populated by a species much worse than Giger’s creation’s….. that’s right, the Chav.

Image taken from a larger selection of Alien/Aliens goodies over at the always excellent original post at

The Fox

The Fox

Another post, another vintage book cover!

This timeless, stunningly beautiful Illustration is taken from a Bantam Books edition of D. H. Lawrence’s Novella “The Fox” – though the artwork was originally produced for the 1967 movie adaption starring Kier Dullea, an actor most famously known for playing a certain Dave Bowman… so there’s your Sci-Fi connection!.

D. H. Lawrence’s story of sexual identity center’s around a female couple struggling to run an isolated farmstead with it’s small chicken population under the constant shadow of a raiding fox. The couples life is then disrupted further with the return of Paul, who used to live and work on the farm, and his offer to help out and put things straight… One of the film’s tag lines is “The Fox … symbol of the male”

Though I haven’t read the book I have seen the screen adaption which I’m guessing these days would rank as fairly hard-to-find, it’s  a great film, low-key and very subtle with chilling winter cinematography.

Not a sniff of an original trailer anywhere to be found, so here’s a link straight to as always look out for spoilers!!

Just for the record, I’ll add that this probably one of my favourite pieces of Graphic Art ever – In fact I’m lucky enough to own an original version of the UK Movie Poster – as for the artist or (artist’s I should say) I’m pretty certain it’s Leo & Diane Dillon – but I need to dig out the poster and confirm!

2001: A Space Odyssey – Addendum

Harry Lange - 2001 Concept Art

I thought I’d add a quick post as an addendum to previous 2001 Space Odyssey post’s I featured late last year – &
basically here’s a collection of further reading / Cool stuff.

First up some links regarding the late Harry Lange a former NASA Illustrator whom Kubrick employed due to his extensive astronautical design experience. Harry helped to produce authentic prop and set designs, a sample of his concept art is above.

Read about Harry here: and via his official site here: which has a page dedicated to all the major book’s on Kubrick’s masterpiece


Also of major interest and extremely cool: Joe Mackenzie’s nicely designed tribute site which includes the chance to download your very own Hal-9000 screen saver! basically whilst running it will show random samplings of the HAL 9000 monitor animations, very authentic and strangely calming… it’s available for Mac or PC and it’s completely Free!


And finally… I came across these well rendered 2001 Desktop Icon’s at… So you can now have one of the Discovery’s Pod’s as your Hard Drive Icon!


Update: April 2009 –  More Resources / Interest at – Thanks for the tip Simon!

Les Maîtres du temps

Les Maîtres du temps

Les Maîtres du temps

Les Maîtres du temps

These spindly and fragile looking spacecraft are still’s taken from the 1982 French Animated Film ‘Les Maîtres du temps’ (The Masters of Time, a.k.a. Time Masters) directed by René Laloux and designed by Moebius. I have to admit that I’d never actually heard of this until I saw it featured over on Eric Carl’s excellent Blog.Sans-Concept.

Full post here: and check the full stills set at:

In my opinion, buy lipitor online uk pretty much any French Sci-Fi automatically qualifies as extremely interesting, and ‘Les Maîtres du temps’ certainley fit’s the bill! Also worthy of more reading; the career of Animator & Director René Laloux (July 13, 1929–March 13, 2004) most famous for ‘La Planète Sauvage,’ (Fantastic Planet 1973). Check his wonderfully bizarre 1965 Short film ‘Les Escargots’ : a parable of Nuclear Holocaust?

Aliens Storyboards (1)

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Before I start I’d like to point out all material is sourced via this amazing Aliens tribute site: Though it doesn’t appear to have been updated for a some time it’s still extremely extensive, with script revisions, FX info and costume design and detailing – a must read!

So with regards to this post… here we have a small selection of storyboard frames from everybody’s favourite “Vietnam in Space” movie: Aliens – (Directed James Cameron, 1986). Theses samples are taken from across several drafts I believe and were illustrated by artists Roger Dear, Maciek Piotrowski and Denis Rich, apparently these scan’s are taken from the films Laser Disc Release, although full versions (copies?) of the storyboard do crop occasionally on ebay. The first thing you notice is just how close to the final film print they actually are, you can almost hear them! I’ve tried to arrange them in chronological order from top left and across –  I’m not sure the final “fueling” thumbnail (bottom row) made it into the film.

As for the film itself, well I think there’s a fair chance that if your reading this you’ve probably seen it more than once. Better than Ridley Scott’s original? well it’s hardly worth arguing over as both will forever be tagged as visionary film making. As for the sequels? Alien 3 nullifies the events of it’s predecessor and ultimately pails into insignificance, though Fincher’s effort does have it’s merits including some great sets and very nifty camera work. Ressurection as with 3 is best enjoyed when you remove all thought’s of the first two movies, it’s watchable nonsense which is more than can be said for you know what….

Here’s a funny clip giving you a insight into James Cameron’s thoughts on that which is unmentionable:

Ridley Scott’s Storyboard for Alien is here: