TAMIYA – 1980s Buggy Box Art

Tamiya Logo

First and foremost I set up Sci-Fi-O-Rama as a design and illustration inspiration blog, and though it’s bursting at the seams with Sci-Fi and geek related articles this really is just a flavouring.  What I’m getting at is; whilst this Tamiya post might be one of the less Sci-Fi tainted (there’s no glowing spacecraft here) it does, however, contain plenty of top-notch retro Japanese graphic art spun back fro my favourite decade, the 1980’s.

As is customary with a subject I don’t pertain to with overarching knowledge I’ll issue a quick disclaimer; I’m not an RC car aficionado nor Dirt Buggy enthusiast so we are really only skimming the surface here. What I do have though are vivid memories of these Tamiya models and the craze they stirred remember the craze they stirred through the mid to late 80’s.

Before I start I’d like to point out that it’s entirely possible that all the below renderings are the work of one (highly talented) illustrator. That person I believe is Yoshiyuki Takani, but at the moment I cannot confirm. If anyone knows more please drop me a line.

Right then, to give the

Aliens Painting

Aliens Painting

An obscure Aliens painting (I’m pretty sure non canon) used as packaging design for Aliens kids Toys! Yeap, this is part of the “Aliens Action Fleet” seems pretty bizarre that an 18 certificate film full of gore, violence and (ahem!) harsh language can become toys, but its all true – check out this link here: http://flickr.com/photos/kielbryant/849198329/

Thanks to Kiel Bryant for use of this pic, check his Flickr tag cloud, loads of cool stuff on there: http://flickr.com/photos/kielbryant/tags/