Street Fantasies: The Wild World of DirtyRobot

Journey to the near future imagined by Daniel Isles where masked gangs rove the streets, telekinetic teenagers wander in clouds of floating candy and machine bits, and giant robots face-off over cyberpunk cityscapes. Better known by his internet alias, DirtyRobot, his world is one where anthropomorphic tigers, multi-armed cyborgs, and levitating witches brush shoulders. His work is wild and wide-ranging in concept, but rendered in a clear graphic hand that fuses it into a natural, stylish whole.

Kaleidoscopic Chaos: The Graphic Art of Bicicleta sem Freio

Next we turn Sci-Fi-O-Rama up to eleven and present a retina-searing selection of art from Brazilian graphic and street art duo Douglas de Castro and Renato Reno, better known as Bicicleta sem Freio.

‘Bicicleta sem Freio’ is Portuguese for “bicycle without brakes” and it’s an apt moniker for a style that jams the visual cortex with a chaotic barrage of psychedelic illustration and design. Beautiful girls, 80s dogtooth patterns and disassembled bodies are woven through hard geometric shapes and rendered in a highly saturated palette, carefully chosen for maximum punch and underscored with a quirky sense of humour.