Sci-Fi-O-Rama is Back on Spotify, Part 2

Sci-Fi-O-Rama is Back on Spotify, Part 2

Sci-Fi-O-Rama returns to Spotify with another selection of new music for your ears!

This time, Ben has pushed further on the aesthetics of his last playlist – moody, ominous textures, punctuated with a bit of shimmering beauty and a few outright bangers. If wandering through cities under grey skies is your sort of thing, Ben is targeting this list right at you.

Listen to it here:

SFOR2018: Ben Selects II

Spotify Playlist #04 ‘Flashback’

Duda Lanna - pattern

As they’ve proved popular I thought I’d put together another hour-long Spotify set.  Essentially these are Tracks I’ve enjoyed in the last year or so, yeap It’s another Collection of  80’s inspired Cosmic/Italo tinged House & Techno, a quick check on what to expect, and then the track list.

• Multi-layered and delayed spaced out sounds ?
• Galloping Synths ?
• Chattering Appergiator Riffs ?
• Twinkling harmonics ?
• Middling camp factor ?


Here is my 3rd Spotify playlist and this time I thought I’d go for something of a theme, that being “Alternate 80’s”. Therefore then all tracks I’ve featured hark from that era. Ok so maybe they’re not all alternate, and actually, one isn’t from the 80’s at all (although in spirit is) but once again there all pretty much synth driven.So a couple of notes on this selection:

We kick off with an obscure Eurythmics B-Side from 1982 before moving into several familiar cuts from some of the UK’s seminal acts of the time. Then moving uptempo swoop into a more club orientated angle with offerings from Pete Shelley (Buzzcocks) & Depeche Mode before swerving southbound into Italo Disco mode with Aeroplane’s ( They’re better than Daft Punk) recent remix of Sebastian Tellier and then Peter Richards “Walking in the Neon”. The last segment moves to electro-pop with Tim Simenon’s Bomb The Bass Project, followed by some early Moroder-esque Eurodisco from Belgium. The selection ends with, for me, one of the greatest pieces of electronic music ever produced, the totally timeless and therefore completely amazing “Dead Eyes Opened” composed by Aussie

Sci-Fi-O-Rama Spotify Playlist #02

Sci-Fi-O-Rama Spotify Playlist #02

Here’s a new set of 8 tracks to follow on from last years original “Sci-Fi-O-Rama Spotify Playlist” – this bunch I’ve imaginatively entitled #02!

Once again a bit of a mixed bag of spacey electronic sounds starting with the warm, radial ambiance of Loscil’s “Umbra”, before shifting into slo-mo synth house territory, tripped out techno, finally finishing off with a track from my favourite act of the moment; Blondes and “You mean so much to me”.

Here’s a full tracklisting, hope you enjoy!

1. Loscil – Umbra
2. Coyote – Beat Journey
3. Kathy Diamond, Mario Basanov & Vidis – In My System (Downtown Party Network Remix)
4. Gus Gus – Northern Lights
5 Lazersonic, Zak Frost – Aquaplane (Unit 4 Remix)
6. Dance Disorder – Zusammen (Instrumental)
7. Giorgos Gatzigristos – Binary Star System
8. Blondes – You Mean So Much To Me

Here’s the link for the Spotify URL:

*Note that you must have the Spotify App installed, and of course be signed up for the premium service to dodge the Adverts. Artwork once again from Eric Carl’s fabulous Flickr Photostream:

Sci-Fi-O-Rama Spotify Playlist

Sci-Fi-O-Rama Spotify Playlist

Heavy Metal Magazine

Thought I’d post something a little different that could well see me shot down in flames! yes it’s a personal Spotify playlist… There’s of course nothing more diverse than people musical tastes, personally I’ve always been more into electronic music, for me it kinda fits with the Futuristic/Space/Sci-Fi ethic – but then I’m sure listening to Slayer whilst playing Doom or Quake works very well too – what ever float’s your boat!

So here’s my selection – I’m rubbish at defining music genre’s, my best guess it’s a kinda filmic / Cosmic Disco blend – anyway If you like pulsing and/or shimmering 70’s & 80’s Synth sounds  you’ll probably appreciate it… Enjoy!

1. John Daly – Oceans
2. Edgar Frose – Specific Gravity of a Smile
3. Toby Tobias – The Feeling (John Daly Mix)
4. Quite Village – I Regret The Flower Power (Fragments of Fear)
5. Stefan Goldmann – Lunatic Fringe
6. Marianne Faithfull – Broken English
7. Lawrence – Along The Wire (Superpitcher Remix)
8. Fever Ray – Triangle Walks (Rex the Dog Remix)

Sci-Fi-O-Rama Spotify Playlist:

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