Simon Page – Astronomy Posters

Simon Page - Beyond the International Year of Astronomy 2010

Simon Page - International Year of Astronomy 2009

Simon Page - International Year of Astronomy 2009

Simon Page - International Year of Astronomy 2009

Simon Page - International Year of Astronomy 2009

A selection of 5 superb poster designs from UK based Designer/Typographer/Illustrator Simon Page, beautiful work that harks back to the classic geometric abstraction of Josef Müller-Brockmann

You may already be familiar with Simons distinctive styled work as it’s made its way around many of the major design blogs, rightly so I think you’ll agree!… For further reading I definitely recommend checking out his Flickr Photostream for all his latest updates Also check his

Roger Dean – Shadow of the Beast T Shirt

Shadow of The Beast - T Shirt

A quick follow up to a feature I ran a year ago on Roger Dean’s Artwork for the computer game “Shadow of the Beast” published by legendary 80’s/90’s 16bit software house Psygnosis. This image is a close up of the highly sought after limited edition t-shirt featuring a graphic bio-mechanical deer (reinterpreted from the Box Art) and that oh-so-cool logotype!

Scan is part of SOTB Boxs Set selection via Flickr User Pocket Clouds.  “Psygnosis will never die!” … amen to that!  In fact if you remember Psygnosis you might want to check out this superb French tribute site:

Ed Emshwiller – Have Space Suit – Will Travel

Ed Emshwiller - Have Space Suit, Will Travel

Ed Emshwiller

A vintage Astronaut used as the cover of the 1958 first edition of Robert A. Heinlein’s book “Have Space Suit – Will Travel” art is by the late American Illustator Ed Emshwiller

Image sourced from Flickr User Glen Mullaly’s Flickr Photo Stream – not just an avid collector of gorgeous vintage Illustration but a talented artist himself

— addendum

A little more on the book here: I’ve also added the B&W illustration, a fantastic costume design I reckon.

Russian Matchbox Labels

Russian Matchbox Labels

Russian Matchbox Label - Mechta (Luna 1)

Russian Matchbox Label - Sputnik 1

Russia Matchbox Label - Sputnik 2 & Lakia

Russian Matchbox Label

Russian Matchbox Label - Luna 2

Russian Matchbox Label

An amazing set of old Russian Matchbox Graphics celebrating early Soviet success in the space race. These wonderful images are taken from an astonishing selection of over 1,000 Labels !! all featured via Flickr User Mariad The majority of the labels are of Eastern European origin, and of course not all space related, Maraid has a also put together a feature on her blog here:

A little more on each of the featured labels…

Top: Luna 1 (Mechta)
Launched in 1959 Luna 1 was the first Spacecraft to reach the vicinity of  The Moon and thus

Planet of The Apes – Eryk Lipinski

Planet of The Apes - Polish Poster

Polish Graphic Art in the shape of a screen printed Movie Poster for the 1968 Original “Planet of The Apes” design by Eryk Lipinski.

Image originally featured through Flickr User Junkyard Dogs Photostream some excellent Retro Sci-Fi, Movie and Video Gaming paraphernalia/visuals collected there, well worth a look….

Thore Hansen

Thore Hansen

Thore Hansen

Thore Hansen

A selection of Illustrations from Norwegian Comics Artist and Illustrator Thore Hansen. These illustrations date from the 70’s and were produced for a Norwegian SF magazine, great colours!

Images sourced from a larger collection of Thore’s work; again these are via Flickr User gojira2012 who’s amassed a superb collection of Sci-Fi illustration / Objet d’art, definitely worth a look.