Enki Bilal

Unknown French Sci-Fi Illustration

Philippe Caza

Wojciech Siudmak

A Halloween special here, consisting of zero Halloween related material! Instead what we do have is an excellent selection of obscure(ish) French SF Illustration…

These images come via bxzzines.blogspot.com a blogger site maintained by “Clifford Brown” (an anonymous pseudonym) The focus is mainly on vintage soft erotic magazines and related material; however Clifford also blends the occasional SF & Fantasy Scan into the mix, and that’s where this set has come from…

Here’s a link to the full post with 30 or so large scans: http://bit.ly/aPjHlO there is some mild nudity on the site, hence the warning. Merci beaucoup à Pierre for originally pointing me in the right direction!

Top: I think this is a Moebius Illustration (or is it Enki Bilal?) as I’m unsure of the source I can’t confirm – If you do know the origin please post a comment…

2nd Top: No real info on this piece

Barnaby Ward (4)

Barnaby Ward - Illustration

Barnaby Ward Illustration

Barnaby Ward Illustration

Barnaby Ward Illustration

Barnaby Ward - Leavetakings

A very welcome to return to Sci-Fi-O-Rama for contemporary Sci-Fi/Fantasy Fashion Illustrator Barnaby Ward definitely one of my favourite featured artists. As is clearly demonstrated here, Barnaby’s capable of drawing extremely beautiful female characters whom he vivaciously mixes with the surreal and bizarre, such a cool inspiring style that always makes me want to grab a pen and start scribbling… In fact, I’d go as far to say that’s there’s really only one other contemporary Illustrator capable of drawing quite such gorgeous, stylised characters and that’s Britain’s Jason Brooks.

Ok so to the notes on the Images, the top four here I’ve cropped from a series of large Illustration intended as desktop backgrounds, there’s a full set of 9

Eric Fraser (1)

Eric Fraser - Red Dragon Express

Eric Fraser - Beowulf

Eric Fraser - Exploration of the Moon

Eric Fraser - The Laxdale Saga

A long overdue feature on Eric George Fraser (June 11, 1902 – November 15, 1983), one of the great British Illustrators of his time. Eric’s most renowned for creating lavish covers for the long-running Radio Times Magazine as well Illustrating many classic scenes from mythology, Shakespeare and Tolkien – Here are some notes on the featured images:

Top: The Red Dragon Express – British Railways menu card dating from 1960 via Flickr User: Mikeyashworth

2nd top: Eric Fraser Beowulf & Dragon via

Flickr Round Up (1)

Ejection Captain Lockhead & The Starfighters

The Swamp Ladies of Estonia

South Asian Book Cover

Peter Goodfellow Sunrise on Mercury

The Kraken Wakes

David Pelham

A selection of differing illustration styles all linked from my Flickr Favourites – I figured that rather than post these one at time It’d be better to pack them into groups as a kinda round up. So here’s the notes on the images:

Top: Ejection “Captain Lockhead and The Starfighters” – A 7″ single sleeve, in a style somewhat reminiscent of Barney Bubbles though it is in fact the work of Rodney Matthews. Love the plum and salmon pink colouring here… Image via Flickr

Werner Ruhner – Der Purpurne Planet

Werner Ruhner  – Der Purpurne Planet

Werner Rhuner - Der Purpurne Planet

Werner Ruhner - Der Purpurne Planet

Werner Ruhner - Der Purpurne Planet

Werner Ruhner - Der Purpurne Planet

Ok, this post I’ve put together with the help of Tommi Bren over at the excellent http://www.houdinination.de/ an excellent online archive of science fiction literature…

The above images are taken from the 1971 German Sci-Fi Novella “Der Purpurne Planet” (The Purple Planet) Illustrations are from excellent Werner Ruhner, whom I confess to knowing little about! though very much like his style… Fortunately, Tommi has helped with some translation, and here’s a little bit more on Werner via German Wiki:

Werner Ruhner born 27 May 1922 in Meerane, Sachsen, Germany – According to the very short entry at Wikipedia, he is or was an assistant at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig (where the artists Neo Rauch and Peter Piller teach,

Alien Syndrome Marquee

Sinistar Marquee

Commando Marquee

Asteroids Marquee

Tempest Marquee

Crystal Castles

Zaxxon Marquee

Galaxian Marquee

Galaga Marquee

Bosconian Marquee

Rastan Marquee

A selection of Coin-Op/Arcade Machine “Marquees” beaming gloriously in brash 80’s technicolour… Marquees (in case you didn’t know) are used to illuminate the name of an arcade game at the top of its cabinet.

Stopping with a friend recently I was reminded of just how amazing this art is as he has a small selection of these marquees as fridge