Clinical Trial: Fiction from CG Inglis, Part 2

Sci-Fi-O-Rama returns with the second installment of A Colour Like Orange: Stories from a Broken World“, a series of interlocked stories from Toronto writer CG Inglis.

This month’s story delves into the mysterious Institute for Applied Research, where a young woman agrees to take part in a clinical trial to treat her chronic anxiety. When the treatment moves beyond anything she could have expected, she will find herself tested to the very core of her being.

Read on to find out what awaits her in “Clinical Trial“.

A Colour Like Orange: Fiction from CG Inglis, Part 1

The Sci-Fi-O-Rama team is excited to be taking the site in a new direction with our first foray into original fiction!

Over the coming year, we will be presenting “A Colour Like Orange: Stories from a Broken World“, a monthly series of interlocked stories from Toronto writer CG Inglis.

Riding the edge between gritty realism and vivid speculation, CG’s stories take us to a world much like our own, but with the boundaries of reality wearing thin. Strange forces slip into the world through the cracks, and otherwise ordinary people find their lives drastically changed as they slip out. At the crux of it all is a mysterious substance called “powder” and the powerful Institute of Applied Research which strives to understand and harness its potential.

Combining elements of cyberpunk, psychedelia, and psychological horror, CG Inglis has created a work that we found arresting and stylish – a great match for the aspirations of this site!

Without further ado, we proudly present the first instalment of the series, “A Colour Like Orange“.

The Art of Ian Miller + Interview

The Art of Ian Miller + Interview

Titan Publishing got in touch asking if I’d Interview British Illustrator Ian Miller to coincide with the launch of ‘The Art of Ian Miller’ a 160 page compendium spanning four decades.

The book put together by both Ian Miller and Tom Whyte is loaded with over 300 pieces of Ian’s totally unique work and is backed up with detailed descriptions on the creative process, inspiration and general artistic philosophy. Suffice to say It’s a must-read for any serious fantasy or sci-fi illustration aficionado. Here’s the feature.

Special Feature: Mondo

Mondo - Empire Strikes Back

Mondo - Holy Mountain

Mondo - The Thing

Mondo - Alien

So then for this piece I’ve grabbed just a taster selection from the Mondo back catalogue, I’ll add some notes on those in a moment, then run the Q& A kindly supplied by Mondo’s creative director Justin Ishmael. First up though here’s some background information…

Mondo is the collectable art boutique of the Alamo Drafthouse. If you’re not familiar with the theatre, it’s a world-renowned cinema eatery and has been named the “best theatre in America” by Entertainment Weekly. The Alamo Drafthouse is based in Austin, TX and there are currently 10 theatres in Texas and Virginia, with plans to expand nationwide. The Alamo Drafthouse derives its reputation from its incredible programming. Mondo creates the poster artwork for special Alamo Drafthouse events (see the examples from the nationwide Rolling Roadshow tour, a yearly event

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