Bruce Pennington - Beyond This Horizon

Illustration used as the cover art for the Robert Heinlen novel “Beyond this Horizon”.

A wicked character illustration by another British Illustrator; Bruce Pennington. I’ve tagged this image with fashion but I guess it could also be considered concept costume/character art, a really lavish outfit that’s a lightweight blend of both Western (heraldic) and Eastern (Samurai) Armour – love the fanned wings on the helmet!

Read more about Bruce Pennington at wiki:

This image has come via Flickr courtesy of The Emperor Dalek – Great username – theres an excellent selection of excellent SF Book covers here

Michael Whelan – The Snow Queen

Michael Whelan - The Snow Queen

A beautiful girl with a wildly decadent headdress, graceful Illustration from Micheal Whelan – a tag search on Flickr confirms it’s a drag queens favourite! – check Flickr for the “The Snow Queen”

Micheal Whelan’s an American artist (born 1949) who specialises in Sci-Fi and Fantasy art, his art appearing on over 350 books and magazine covers… check out more on him here:

“Galaxy” Pinball Flyer

Galaxy - Pinball Flyer

This punchy comic style image with a disco flavour is the front of a flyer promoting the 1980 Pinball Game “Galaxy” made by Stern. I came across this whilst looking through which is the number one resource for information about pretty much anything you want to know about any Pinball table ever made – some really cool stuff on there. Pinball graphics are often like this, pretty kitsch, exciting and in right in your face.

To see more of the Galaxy pinball machine check this link personally I don’t think there would be anything much cooler than doing the graphics for a pinball machine… I’ll be posting more Pinball stuff up soon.

Roger Dean “Shadow of the Beast”

Roger Dean’s most famous for his otherworldly album sleeves for 70’s Prog Rockers YES, in the 80’s and early 90’s he also produced a number of pieces of cover art for Liverpool software house Psygnosis (mentioned elsewhere in this blog). “Shadow of the Beast” was one of their most popular releases and featured – for the time – pretty slick graphics, including a lavishly animated main character and parallax scrolling. The gameplay wasn’t all that, it did, however, have a wicked atmospheric score from computer game music innovator David Whittaker.

Shadow of the Beast T-shirt

Some of the Game Boxes came with a free T-Shirt, now highly sort after, and boxes featuring the t-shirt show up on ebay selling for north of £50 / $100. As a sucker for geek-but-knowingly-cool rubbish, I would pay that, but I’m betting its a shit fruit-of-the-loom job.