Jamie Hewlett – Tank Girl

Jamie Hewlett – Tank Girl

Jamie Hewlett - Tank Girl

‘Tank Girl’ via Flickr User Zeroblondal

A wonderfully detailed profile shot of ‘Tank Girl’, a British Comic book character who made her official debut in Deadline Magazine (1988).

Set in a post-apocalyptic Australia, ‘Tank Girl’ is the creation of Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett. Hewlett may already be on your radar as co-creator of the concept band Gorillaz.

Read more about Tank Girl or visit the official site.


Juan Gimenez (4)

Juan Gimenez Die Kaiserin

Juan Gimenez Der Kaiser

Another quick post – I have had a few questions asking about Juan Gimenez and the availability of his Books/Art recently so a couple of leads…

Depending on how up to speed you are with your Spanish I suggest perhaps trying the official site: http://www.juangimenez.com/ though I’m not sure how often that’s updated. Failing that there’s a raft of his Books / Comics / Graphic Novels available via Amazon.com http://is.gd/C7mO take your pick I guess! maybe The Metabarons? his collaboration with Alexandro Jodorowsky

Barnaby Ward (2)

Barnaby Ward

Barnaby Ward

Barnaby Ward

Barnaby Ward

Barnaby Ward

A selection of Illustration by Barnaby Ward, taken from his portfolio website http://somefield.com

Barnaby’s drawing’s feature a playful mix of pseudo Manga babes, weird looking robots, freaky animal-humanoids,  and often mad tech fetishism – all rendered in a loose but  frenetic style that blends svelte Fashion Illustration ala Jason Brooks (Puscha/Head Kandi) and obsessive detailing ALA Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira).

With regards to the examples featured here, I’ve tried to feature a good cross-section from a straightforward classy Fashion Illustration at the top; 2nd down is is similar but warped with an Alien Fishhead! – it’s this mix of innocuous and the bizarre the really give Barnaby’s work an edge.  Third and Fourth are pure stream of consciousness doodling and have a more stylised vivacious feel. The fifth and final example is a slick demonstration of a character study – I picked this especially as I know how tricky it can be to

Moebius – Jodorowsky’s Dune (1)

Mobieus - Jodorowsky's Dune

Mobeius Jodorowsky's Dune 01

Top left: “Duke Leto Atreides”
Top right a “Sardaukar” – I still prefer this depiction
Bottom left “Feyd” – played by Sting in Lynch’s 84 Version
Bottom right “Kynes”

All concept Art from Mobieus for the aborted Alejandro Jodorowsky 1976 version of “Dune”. With Mobieus in charge of Costume Design and Storyboarding, Chris Foss taking care of Spaceship’s and Vehicles and H.R.Giger creating the evil Harkonnen Homeworld + a Pink Floyd soundtrack & starring Mick Jagger and Salvador Dali amongst others! it goes without saying this is definitely the greatest film never made. The project stalled when funds dried up and other assorted spanners randomly flew into the creative machine. Truly a project of immense scope and scale – alas never to be, at least not in this Universe!

Read all you need to know about the project, see all the art, interviews and more at this amazing site: http://www.duneinfo.com/ Thanks Dan for the tip on that!  The Mobieus feature is at http://www.duneinfo.com/unseen/moebius.asp

It’s also well worth having a read about Alejandro