Jasper Goodall - Eye of Horus

Jasper Goodall - Perpetual Dawn

Jasper Goodall - Into the Void

Jasper Goodall - Dione

Jasper Goodall - Erebus

Ok something of a bit of an exclusive here, from a contemporary Artist & Illustrator I’ve long admired – Brighton based Jasper Goodall (UK).

I first came across Jasper’s work as a design student around the turn of the century, his work prominently featured in Angus Hyland’s seminal “Pen and Mouse: Commercial Art and Digital Illustration” the book that triumphed traditional Illustrations transition into digital and thus the 21st century. It may seem strange now but once upon a time traditional illustration was in it’s death throws, out in the cold, superseded by saccharine layers of cheap and nasty Photoshop/Stock imagery that thanks to lazy graphic design had (horrifically) risen

Forgotten Trek (1)

Borg Queen Concept Art

Neutrino Welder

Two fine examples of Illustrated Concept Art from the Star Trek Universe, the top Image is the Borg Queen designed for the 1996 film Star Trek: First Contact (best after Wrath of Khan IMO) this concept is quite a bit different to the film version, the carved skull idea here is particularly freaky! .The lower image profiles a Neutrino Welder apparently from the Original Movie Adaptation Star Trek: The Motion Picture – no I can’t remember them either… Still, it’s a pretty cool looking suit.

Both these Images come via this superb Star Trek resource: Forgotten Trek http://www.ottens.co.uk/forgottentrek/ a veritable mine of behind the scenes stories, designs, concepts etc. Highly recommend even if you’re not a Trek fan, if you are, however – this site’s worth its weight in Gold Pressed Latinum!

Barnaby Ward (3)

Barnaby Ward (3)

Barnaby Ward

Here’s a refamiliarization with the infectious & frenetic drawing style that is Barnaby Ward – super cool stuff that’s a real quirky blend of Fashion Illustration, sci-fi, horror and more….

I’ve featured Barnaby a couple of times  before on Sci-Fi-O-Rama  so you may well be familiar with him… If not, your in for a bit of treat – check his site: http://somefield.com definitely one of my favourites.

Shobo Shobo (1)


Shobo Shobo

Shobo Shobo

Here’s something a little out there, to say the least!

Super freaky sweatshirt designs adorned with completely over the top 8-Bit coloured, LSD tinged, David Shrigley-esque drawings – a quick taster of the work of Parisian collective Shobo Shobo… Love all the primitivism and neon/metallic colours, Great stuff! there’s a real art to styling something this outrageous!

Shobo Shobo make drawings, art work, installations and fashion and is the brainchild of Mehdi Hercberg and Kanh Linh La. Check out more of their Fashion at: http://grogore.free.fr/accueil/accueil_set.htm or visit the main site: http://www.shoboshobo.com/

Ogasa Shin (1)

Ogasa Shin (1)

Oga Oga

Oga Oga

Oga Oga

Oga Oga

A selection of fantastical themed fashion Illustrations from Japan. I have to admit I initially knew nothing about the artist responsible for these stunning drawings, only that they had come via this Japanese Blog http://oga.oga.main.jp/ well worth a look!

I’ve since found out that the artist name is Ogasa Shin – thanks for the tip Andy 🙂

Originally spotted via FFFFound.com

As for the illustrations themselves, the top Stevie Nicks styled character is my personal favourite…