Moebius – Jodorowsky’s Dune (1)

Mobieus - Jodorowsky's Dune

Mobeius Jodorowsky's Dune 01

Top left: “Duke Leto Atreides”
Top right a “Sardaukar” – I still prefer this depiction
Bottom left “Feyd” – played by Sting in Lynch’s 84 Version
Bottom right “Kynes”

All concept Art from Mobieus for the aborted Alejandro Jodorowsky 1976 version of “Dune”. With Mobieus in charge of Costume Design and Storyboarding, Chris Foss taking care of Spaceship’s and Vehicles and H.R.Giger creating the evil Harkonnen Homeworld + a Pink Floyd soundtrack & starring Mick Jagger and Salvador Dali amongst others! it goes without saying this is definitely the greatest film never made. The project stalled when funds dried up and other assorted spanners randomly flew into the creative machine. Truly a project of immense scope and scale – alas never to be, at least not in this Universe!

Read all you need to know about the project, see all the art, interviews and more at this amazing site: Thanks Dan for the tip on that!  The Mobieus feature is at

It’s also well worth having a read about Alejandro

Frank Frazetta – Battlestar Galactica (2)

Frank Frazetta - Battlestar Galatica

Another Frank Frazetta concept painting for the Original 70’s Battlestar Galactica featuring one of his trademark muscular female rumps and some pretty evil looking Cylon Raiders.  This is a follow up to the earlier Frazetta/BSG post which Charlie Jane Anders (cheers!) has expanded on over at – article:  

Also check a very extensive Battlestar Galactica fan site…

Ralph Mcquarrie - Battlestar Galactica

Ralph Mcquarrie - Battlestar GalacticaRalph Mcquarrie - Battlestar Galactica

Ok so here we have one of the worlds premier Sci-Fi Artist’s featured on Sci-Fi-O-Rama for the first time and I’d like to point out that it’s not on merit that Ralphs not popped up before… Ralph Mcquarrie IS Star Wars, every bit as much as George Lucas and if you seek Star Wars Art (and why shouldn’t you!) I recommend a Google/Yahoo or Flickr image search.

So Back to (70’s) Battlestar Galatica – and following on from the prior post – here are some of  Ralph Mcquarrie’s original concept paintings. Ralph’s work – of course – is pretty close to the finished models/art, but as with his Star Wars art its slightly more streamlined or spindly, in the way that only concept art can be – cooler perhaps?

BTW the reason why this blog isn’t laced with art from visionaries like Syd Mead or Ralph Mcquarrie is that a simple google search (or better yet bookshop) will yield far classier info than I can provide. It’s not that these artists aren’t amazing  (of course they are! )  Sci-Fi-O-Rama is more about

Ridley Scott – Bladerunner Storyboard

Ridley Scott - Bladerunner Storyboard

A section of Ridley Scott’s storyboard sketches for Bladerunner, demonstrating once again his flair for drawing and his passion for details. These dystopian scenes in particular – Deckard’s visit to the Tyrell Corp HQ – was inspired by Ridley’s youth and memories of the night-time vista of oil refineries and steel mills, the fabric of 60’s industrial Teeside (North East England).

EDIT – June 2012 ****

These storyboards were drawn by Tom Cranham at EEG (the effects house ) for the film Blade Runner. Scott supervised every shot but did not draw these sketches. Sherman Labby drew an earlier set of storyboards for this scene but more drawings were ordered. Tom Southwell production illustrator: Blade Runner 1980-81

Ian Miller – The City



This superbly nightmarish pen and ink visuals were preliminary character studies for the 1994 James Herbert Graphic novel “The City” Illustrated by Ian Miller in his indomitable scratchy Gothic style – a really great demonstration of the detail achievable with a dip pen, brush and ink.

The City is the fourth installment of Herbert’s popular Rats Series, It maps a chilling post-apocalyptic future where the pathetic remnants of mankind scrape out an existence in ruins under the new order – The Rats! available here on Amazon – that’s just got me thinking, what the difference between Post-Apocalyptic and Steampunk?

Images featured courtesy of Ian Miller, via his portfolio site.

Bruce Pennington - Beyond This Horizon

Illustration used as the cover art for the Robert Heinlen novel “Beyond this Horizon”.

A wicked character illustration by another British Illustrator; Bruce Pennington. I’ve tagged this image with fashion but I guess it could also be considered concept costume/character art, a really lavish outfit that’s a lightweight blend of both Western (heraldic) and Eastern (Samurai) Armour – love the fanned wings on the helmet!

Read more about Bruce Pennington at wiki:

This image has come via Flickr courtesy of The Emperor Dalek – Great username – theres an excellent selection of excellent SF Book covers here