Alien Syndrome Marquee

Sinistar Marquee

Commando Marquee

Asteroids Marquee

Tempest Marquee

Crystal Castles

Zaxxon Marquee

Galaxian Marquee

Galaga Marquee

Bosconian Marquee

Rastan Marquee

A selection of Coin-Op/Arcade Machine “Marquees” beaming gloriously in brash 80’s technicolour… Marquees (in case you didn’t know) are used to illuminate the name of an arcade game at the top of its cabinet.

Stopping with a friend recently I was reminded of just how amazing this art is as he has a small selection of these marquees as fridge

Paul Faris – Xenon

Xenon - Pinball Flyer

A disco influenced Sci-fi flyer produced for the 1980 Bally Midway Pinball Machine “Xenon”.  See The Internet Pinball Database for more info and a full gallery of this machine in all it’s glitzy glory.

Artwork Sourced from The Internet Pinball Database, excellent resource for Data mining absolutely anything related to all things Pinball.

Addendum: July 2009

See how Suzanne Ciani designed the games audio – an Omni Special via Youtube
many thanks for the link there Karl.

Xevious - Arcade Machine Flyer

Atari’s Vertical Scrolling Arcade Shooter “Xevious” from 1981.

Wedge-shaped spacecraft flying in and out of frame, a limited colour palette, and heavy black outline, a really good example of early 80’s arcade cabinet art. In retrospect, these cabinets are much more exciting than the games themselves especially when measured by today’s standards. Xevious was a vertical scrolling shooter, as opposed to the horizontal. Not sure which is better as I’ve always been shit at both.

“Sorcerer” Pinball Flyer

“Sorcerer” Pinball Flyer

More Pinball Artwork, this time from 1985, Artwork by Pam Erickson for Williams.

A friend of mine used to have this Pinball Table, and it was pretty damn cool – when it actually worked – which wasn’t that often. Anyway, I reckon having a Pinball table is up there with the best of any bachelor crap.

Solar Fox

Solar Fox - Flyer - 1982

Solar Fox - Marquee

Now this is the shit, a Sexy Star-Fighter Pilot and 80’s Arcade graphics, again its the detailing that makes this Battle-of-the-Planets type image so great – love that sinister fox motif on the helmet.

The top image is a flyer advertising the arcade machine and the lower underneath graphic is the marquee – that’s the bit at the top of the cabinet. This image has come from (Killer List of Videogames) again another excellent resource run by proper fans keeping the memory of all this art alive.

Anway Solar Fox was made in 1981 by Bally Midway (US manufacturer) read more about it here.