Nasa 1172 Pictures

Jun 18th, 2010 | Categories: Photography | Sci-Fi | Scientific

Nasa 1172

Nasa 1172

Nasa 1172

Nasa 1172

Nasa 1172

Nasa 1172

Sci-Fi-O-Rama reader and fellow blogger Parker Mason got in touch this week with a link to his recently created, mammoth-sized Flickr Gallery “Nasa 1172″. Literally translated that’s 1172 incredible images of Nasa’s manned and robotic endeavors in the exploration of space. As you can imagine with over 1000 shot’s there’s plenty of variety, I’ve concentrated on picking a small selection of video graphics and diagrammatic Illustrations. Some notes then on the chosen images:

Top: Not exactly sure which Probe/Satellite this is – If you know please post a comment.

2nd Top: I’m guessing this captioned Illustration shows how a comet’s tail starts to form on approach toward the inner solar system.

3rd Top: A diagram showing the voyage of “Ulysses” a joint NASA/ESA probe launched back in 1990.

Bottom 3: These Images I believe are all stills from a 80′s NASA Computer animation showing the trajectory and approach of Voyager 2 to Uranus in 1986. I can’t seem to find the complete clip on youtube, which is a shame because I remember the animation looks really cool as the craft spins over on flyby – anyway here’s a sample of similar footage:

See the full gallery at: also check Parker @ Nineteen Ninety Never and

McMurdo Station Antarctica

Jan 22nd, 2010 | Categories: Photography | Scientific

Sunset at Mcmurdo Station

Ok so something of a different post – real world – a 21st century frontier town glowing in Antarctic twilight.

This photograph is of Antarctica’s largest settlement & it’s logistical hub, the US administered “McMurdo Station” at it’s peak home to over 1,200 residents…

I picked this image for a couple of reasons, firstly because anything to do with the icy wastes of Antarctica fascinates me! and secondly because it looks very much like a recently “terraformed” world in the mould of a certain James Cameron film….

Also of note, that is an active volcano in the background; the 3,794 meters high Mount Erebus here’s another excellent shot that gives a real sense of it’s mass the nearby neighboring New Zealand research station “Scott Base” (seen on right) is approx 3 miles from McMurdo…

Read more about McMurdo at Wikipedia: Photo is via the National Science Foundation

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