District 9 (Gif Loop)

Feb 25th, 2010 | Categories: Animated GIF | Movie | Sci-Fi

Here’s something I’ve not featured for a while, a bandwidth-crunching animated GIF!

This frenzied loop is ripped from Neill Blomkamp’s magnificent “District 9” (2009), for my money the best allround, accessible Sci-Fi flick since Jim Cameron’s “Aliens” (1986). The great thing about District 9 is that it’s a Sci-fi film that spans way beyond the confines of just one genre, it’s an absolutely fascinating blend of docudrama, social commentary, cutting edge Sci-fi, and (sporadic) breakneck action – add to this the very finest Peter’s Jackson “splatterhouse” FX then lace with wry black humour – superb! I also think a very good indicator for it’s greatness is the fact that most of my friends enjoyed it, and (unlike myself) most of them aren’t geeks!

I’ll say nothing about the featured footage, just in case you’ve still not seen it! anyway you should – available at Amazon << treat yourself to the Blu-Ray I reckon….

Bruno 9li

Apr 21st, 2009 | Categories: Animated GIF | Bruno 9li | Graphics | Illustration | Sci-Fi

Bruno 9li

Here’s something I spotted on FFFFound a while back and bookmarked, super freaky techno spirtualism! courtesy of Brasilian Illustrator / Artist Bruno 9li (AKA Bruno Novelli) – this character an off-the-wall, underwater mix of Afrika Bambaataa Planet Rock, Shiva and erm Tron!  Not just a great style, but also a great demonstration of how  even with just a few frames it’s possible to breath life into an  Illustration via the simple medium of an animated GIF loop – clever stuff indeed!

See much more of Bruno’s random and chaotic style’s at : check out the videos section too!

Also of interest: a quick flick through of his book ‘Agora Eterno’ alas this seems a little hard to get hold of? is out of print?

Star Trek 2 “The Wrath Of Khan”

Dec 3rd, 2008 | Categories: Animated GIF | Graphics | Movie | Retro | Sci-Fi

Kobayashi Maru

Another example of early CGI, this time taken from Star Trek 2 “The Wrath of Khan” (Directed: Nicholas Meyer, 1982).

“Wrath of Khan’s” opening chapter starts with the infamous “Kobayashi Maru” simulation, from which this mechanical (and slightly trippy) Bridge-Screen visual is taken… Wicked film, with plenty of great quotes and the usual over acting, It’s generally regarded as best in the series, and it’s also probably the most accesable to non-trekkies.

Read more about it here: and here: check the trailer here:

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