Moebius arzach 1975 drawing lessspace

Moebius arzach 1995 drawing

Moebius: Transe-Forme @ Fondation Cartier

Moebius: Transe-Forme @ Fondation Cartier

Moebius AKA Jean-Giraud Portrait 2010

Ok so this is something of a re-post lifted from the excellent Re-posting content in such verbatim fashion is something In which I tend to shy away from, but since it concerns quite possibly the worlds premier Sci-Fi Illustrator I’ve made an exception! We are of course talking of French comic artist/legend Jean Giraud, better known as Moebius and this article relates to his current exhibition “Transe-Forme” which is running now at Fondation Cartier in Paris until Saturday the 13th March, 2011. So as of time posting you have roughly a month too experience it.

Read the full article over at DesignBoom with a much larger selection of images of

Kelly Freas (2)

Kelly Freas - Rhapsody In Black


Frank Kelly Freas - Our Childrens Children

Kelly Freas - Mayenne



Happy New Year! here’s the first post of 2011 on Sci-Fi-O-Rama. Before I start regular readers may notice some minor aesthetic changes, I’ve altered the design slightly to make use of a header menu as to optimize space. I’ve also added (fixed) a google ad to the bottom of the sidebar – I hope this isn’t too obtrusive – it’s there just to help cover the cost of the bandwidth. So then on with the post and here’s a selection of psychedelic edged female portraiture from the late American artist Frank Kelly Freas (Aug 1922 – Jan 2005).

Frank Kelly Freas (also just Kelly Freas) enjoyed a career over 50 years working at the

Bibliodyssey: Knight Attire

Knight Attire

Knight Attire

Knight Attire

Knight Attire

Knight Attire

Two reasons for posting here, firstly I wanted to share this wonderful selection of ink renderings detailing some extremely elaborate – and therefore gorgeous – medieval armor. Secondly I wanted to point readers towards the original source of this material: Bibliodyssey a superb blog that features a raft of historic Illustration and draftsmanship. in a similar vein to A Journey Round My Skull Bibliodyssey, with its ever-expanding archive of ultra-rare imagery, is absolutely essential reading…

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The Illustrations are taken from Volumes of ‘Dictionnaire Raisonné du Mobilier Français de L’Époque Carlovingienne à la Renaissance’ (Dictionary of French Furniture from the Carolingian era to the Renaissance) Dating from the 18th Century.

See more Knight Attire at the original source:

FFFOUND Collection (1) Nov 10

Vania Zouravliov - The Head

Unknown Artist - Please Post if you know

unknown photograph - please post comment if you have info :)


Autumn Whitehurst - Sugar Genomics


Whilst I prep some new feature post’s I’m going to follow on from my recent Flickr Round with a collection of images I’ve bookmarked and backtracked via the excellent – lazy? yes, I know!

I actually still have FFFFound set as my Firefox homepage and although I don’t spend quite as much time browsing as I used too, I still think it’s an excellent resource. In fact, I’ve even saved off hundreds of bookmarked images too form offline inspiration scrapbook- It was a boring chore, but has since proved to be

Enki Bilal

Unknown French Sci-Fi Illustration

Philippe Caza

Wojciech Siudmak

A Halloween special here, consisting of zero Halloween related material! Instead what we do have is an excellent selection of obscure(ish) French SF Illustration…

These images come via a blogger site maintained by “Clifford Brown” (an anonymous pseudonym) The focus is mainly on vintage soft erotic magazines and related material; however Clifford also blends the occasional SF & Fantasy Scan into the mix, and that’s where this set has come from…

Here’s a link to the full post with 30 or so large scans: there is some mild nudity on the site, hence the warning. Merci beaucoup à Pierre for originally pointing me in the right direction!

Top: I think this is a Moebius Illustration (or is it Enki Bilal?) as I’m unsure of the source I can’t confirm – If you do know the origin please post a comment…

2nd Top: No real info on this piece

Barnaby Ward (4)

Barnaby Ward - Illustration

Barnaby Ward Illustration

Barnaby Ward Illustration

Barnaby Ward Illustration

Barnaby Ward - Leavetakings

A very welcome to return to Sci-Fi-O-Rama for contemporary Sci-Fi/Fantasy Fashion Illustrator Barnaby Ward definitely one of my favourite featured artists. As is clearly demonstrated here, Barnaby’s capable of drawing extremely beautiful female characters whom he vivaciously mixes with the surreal and bizarre, such a cool inspiring style that always makes me want to grab a pen and start scribbling… In fact, I’d go as far to say that’s there’s really only one other contemporary Illustrator capable of drawing quite such gorgeous, stylised characters and that’s Britain’s Jason Brooks.

Ok so to the notes on the Images, the top four here I’ve cropped from a series of large Illustration intended as desktop backgrounds, there’s a full set of 9

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