Russ Nicholson “Chasms of Malice”

Russ Nicholson “Chasms of Malice”

Amazingly intricate fantasy illustration by Russ Nicholson, somewhat reminiscent of Art Nouveau and specifically Aubrey Beardsley but swap his mythological erotica for Russ’s orks, elfs and what have you… Anyway, I’m not a huge fan of fantasy stuff these days, although I will admit to owning several of the 80’s Fighting Fantasy books (good toilet reading material) from which this illustration was taken.

Russ Nicholson buy atorvastatin 20 mg Illustrated a number of Fighting Fantasy Books right through the series (82-95?) and he also produced work for other Dungeons and Dragons / RPG work from that era. I’ve always thought his work is excellent and certainly formed part of my early inspiration for learning to draw.

Roger Dean “Shadow of the Beast”

Roger Dean’s most famous for his otherworldly album sleeves for 70’s Prog Rockers YES, in the 80’s and early 90’s he also produced a number of pieces of cover art for Liverpool software house Psygnosis (mentioned elsewhere in this blog). “Shadow of the Beast” was one of their most popular releases and featured – for the time – pretty slick graphics, including a lavishly animated main character and parallax scrolling. The gameplay wasn’t all that, it did, however, have a wicked atmospheric score from computer game music innovator David Whittaker.

Shadow of the Beast T-shirt

Some of the Game Boxes came with a free T-Shirt, now highly sort after, and boxes featuring the t-shirt show up on ebay selling for north of £50 / $100. As a sucker for geek-but-knowingly-cool rubbish, I would pay that, but I’m betting its a shit fruit-of-the-loom job.

Le Grand Testament – Villon

le grand testament villon

Fantasy Illustrations from 1506, these are alternate covers for “Le Grand Testament – Villon” probably printed in Paris over 500 years ago.

Images Taken from “Waking Dream: Fantasy and the Surreal in Graphic Art”, 1450-1900 by Edward Lucie-Smith (1975)


Jessie M. King – Art Nouveau Illustration

Girl and Knight - Jessie M. King

This Illustration has been pulled from my unorganised ‘inspiration’ pile of clippings/photocopies I’ve been collecting since University. Alas, I’m not sure of the title or the Artist, though the wonderful detailing is similar in style to the work of Aubrey Beardsley and I’m guessing from the same era.

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