“The Hobbit” for ZX Spectrum

“The Hobbit” for ZX Spectrum

Cover art for the ZX Spectrum Version of “The Hobbit” 1983.

Hobbit Title Screen

The Hobbit ScreenShot

Hobbit Screen Shot

The Hobbit was a text adventure game for 8-bit computers like the C64 and the Speccy, it’s considered a bit of a classic, what’s interesting is the ZX Spectrum branding – 48K of RAM! The game itself featured some very early pixel art, crude but atmospheric and remember the speccy only had a palette of 7 colours!

Read more about the game at Mobygame.com http://www.mobygames.com/game/zx-spectrum/hobbit

“Andromeda Conquest”

Andromeda Conquest Box Art

Retro Game box art from 1982 this time. According to mobygames.com “Andromeda Conquest” was A Galactic Empire-building strategy/conquest game for the Apple II and similar early 80’s computing behemoths, interestingly due to its age the game package included a pad of graph paper for keeping track of ship and colony locations – so pretty much not like World of Warcraft.

Roger Dean “Shadow of the Beast”

Roger Dean’s most famous for his otherworldly album sleeves for 70’s Prog Rockers YES, in the 80’s and early 90’s he also produced a number of pieces of cover art for Liverpool software house Psygnosis (mentioned elsewhere in this blog). “Shadow of the Beast” was one of their most popular releases and featured – for the time – pretty slick graphics, including a lavishly animated main character and parallax scrolling. The gameplay wasn’t all that, it did, however, have a wicked atmospheric score from computer game music innovator David Whittaker.

Shadow of the Beast T-shirt

Some of the Game Boxes came with a free T-Shirt, now highly sort after, and boxes featuring the t-shirt show up on ebay selling for north of £50 / $100. As a sucker for geek-but-knowingly-cool rubbish, I would pay that, but I’m betting its a shit fruit-of-the-loom job.


Interphase Game Box Art

Even More Game Box art Box with a Sci-Fi Theme, again from the golden age of 16-bit Computer gaming, a time of more original, intelligent and visionary game concepts etc, etc. Anyway, Interphase was a first-person and top-down Action/Puzzle game that played like a prototype of “Descent” if anyone is familiar with that… The cyberpunk themed plot is based around jacking into a large corporation (The Dreamtrack Corporation) and doing the rounds and – as you do with games – putting a stop to there evil world domination plans.

Read more about it over at the excellent mobygames.com site click here.

Blood Money - Peter Andrew Jones

More game box artwork, this time from 1990 ‘Blood Money’ produced for legendary UK software house Psygnosis, art by Peter Andrew Jones. Great moody character, that’s more reminiscent of Star Trek then Stars Wars (ie: a lot fucking cooler) anyway love the tiny piggy eyes! The shot is ripped from the excellent Mobygames.com site, which is like imdb.com for computer games, well worth checking out if you are a gamer.