Michael Foreman – The Saga of Erik the Viking

Michael Foreman - Erik the Viking

Michael Foreman - Erik the Viking

Michael Foreman - Erik the Viking

Michael Foreman - Erik the Viking

Michael Foreman - Erik the Viking

A selection of five enchanting watercolor/inks Illustrations taken from the 1983 Childrens Story “The Saga of Erik the Viking” penned by Terry Jones (of Monty Python) and lovingly illustrated by British artist Michael Foreman.

This is a book I remember well from childhood, and recently picked up a copy via Amazon, the story centre’s on around Erik’s and his loyal companions following their epic voyage in search of ‘the land where the sun goes down at night’. It’s a great read for kids & adults alike featuring some truly mesmorising Illustrations that fit the text perfectly, you really feel the cold and desolation of the icey waves & windswept slate black rocks but there’s something in the way Michael’s draws his characters the lends a real charming, human quality… The Saga of Erik the Viking is available for next to nothing via Amazon http://is.gd/9HO7v makes for great bedtime reading!

Also of note, Terry Jones went on to direct a big screen adaptation in 1989 starring Tim Robins, Mickey Rooney, John Cleese and several other familiar faces http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097289/

Read more on Author/Illustrator Michael Foreman here at Wiki: http://is.gd/9HPx8

Jerry Smath – How Do We Know?

This charming Spot illustration, is by Jerry Smath and was used for a “How Do We Know?” feature, included in Children’s Digest magazine January 1961.

This image has come via Flickr User Glen Mullaly check his photostream for more 50’s/60’s/70’s vintage illustration, childrens book and otherwise – really is a superb selection…

Wayne Anderson – And The Dragons Followed

Wayne Anderson - And The Dragons Followed

This Illustration is taken from “The Dragon Machine” written by Helen Ward and Illustrated by Wayne Anderson.

Wayne Anderson Is a British Illustrator with a career spanning from the mid 1970’s to present day. Waynes Illustrated both Adult and Childrens books as well as working as a character, background and buildings designer on the 1982 film “Flight of Dragons” – A gorgeously animated Fantasy film that at times borders on the psychedelic, read more about that here http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083951/

Wayne uses quite a distinctive style, and I’ll definitely be featuring more of his work, in the meantime check out his site here: http://www.wayneandersonart.com