Wayne Barlowe

Tim White

David Bergen

Leo & Diane Dillon

A selection of Retro Sci-fi magazine covers from “Visco – The Visual Index of Science Fiction Cover art” over at http://www.sfcovers.net/a fab archive, set up and maintained by Terry Gibbons.

Visco is much like http://www.coverbrowser.com/ in that it’s basically a database of scans & photographs, cataloguing Science Fiction magazine publications from the 40’s right up through to the 90’s (why is it the 90’s designs are the worst? ). It’s an excellent little resource with art from many of the artists featured here, and whilst some of the scans aren’t of superb quality the diverse wealth of material more than makes up for it – a great read!

Notes on the above images:

(Top) 1981 cover art from Avatar creature designer Wayne Barlowe

(2nd Top) An action packed 1974 Cover from Tim

Tim White – Welcome Chaos

Tim White - Welcome Chaos

Another sample from Tim White used for the cover of the 1983 novel “Welcome Chaos” by Kate Wilhem. Though not strictly a Sci-Fi image in the most obvious sense (that really doesn’t matter here) I’ve decided to feature this because it’s simultaneously naff & cheesy but also dramatically striking in that pseudo-realistic neon style that’s so quintessentially 1980’s – think Athena Posters….

Uk artist Tim White has his own site, with extensive gallery and shop: http://www.tim-white.co.uk/

Tim White – The Dragon Drone

Tim White - The Dragon Drone

More from blog favourite Tim White, a blend of Sci-fi and Fantasy “Dragon Drone” was also used as box art for one of Psygnosis’s lesser known titles “Amnios” released in 1991 –  more about that here: http://www.mobygames.com/game/amnios

Tim White’s paintings are collected in his anthology  “The Science Fiction and Fantasy World of Tim White” available for a modest price via Amazon, check here.

Scan sourced via the #01 space & astronomical art journal “Astrona” http://astrona.blogspot.com/  excellent site!

Roger Dean / Tim White - War Of The Worlds

Roger Dean / Tim White - War Of The Worlds

Two renderings of H.G.Wells Martian Tripods, from the novel “War of the Worlds” The menacing top Illustration is a close up of the cab, note the circling crows indicating an inert tripod – turned over by germs! The Second Illustration has a real sense of scale, three tripods under the aurora borealis and a violet northern sky

These images a part of a set that ran in Omni Magazine 1985, they are a co-production of designers Roger Dean, Martyn Dean, Tim White and Richard Clifton-Dey. The Illustrations were also re-licensed and used again by Psygnosis (who else!) for the 1987 Computer game “Terrorpods” and that’s where I first came across them. Definitely in my all-time top 5.

These Images are taken Courtesy of Dr.Zeus who’s expansive site is a homage to all things WOTW. http://drzeus.best.vwh.net/wotw/other/other.html