Classic Science-Fiction Illustrators (Part 3) – Roger Dean

For the third installment of our classic Sci-Fi illustrators series, we move from one alien landscape master to another. He is an artist so exotic and distinctive he merits his own sub-genre.

I’m of course talking about British artist and designer Roger Dean (born 31 August 1944 in Ashford, Kent).

Roger Dean – As Chosen by Those He Has Inspired

Roger Dean (born 31 August 1944), is an English artist, designer, architect and publisher and perhaps best known for his iconic work on progressive rock band album covers. His unique, instantly recognisable style often features exotic landscapes populated with dramatic and impossible natural rock formations, lush alien flora and fauna, and strange organic structures.

After the release of James Cameron’s blockbuster movie ‘Avatar’, Dean enjoyed a surge of interest in his work, as it’s obvious Avatar’s design team have borrowed many visual motifs found in Dean’s work. To be fair, it’s inconceivable to think of fantasy and sci-fi art without being influenced by the superlative work of Roger Dean.

To celebrate his work, I’ve asked a selection of contemporary designers and artists to select their favourite Roger Dean piece and tell us in their own words why.  Roger Dean, as chosen by those he has inspired!

Roger Dean - Billy Cox "Nitro Function"

Billy Cox “Nitro Function” (LP Sleeve 1972)
Chosen by: Eric Carl

“One of my favourite Roger Dean pieces would have to be the 1972 album art for “Nitro Function” by Billy Cox. It wasn’t a

Roger Dean – Shadow of the Beast T Shirt

Shadow of The Beast - T Shirt

A quick follow up to a feature I ran a year ago on Roger Dean’s Artwork for the computer game “Shadow of the Beast” published by legendary 80’s/90’s 16bit software house Psygnosis. This image is a close up of the highly sought after limited edition t-shirt featuring a graphic bio-mechanical deer (reinterpreted from the Box Art) and that oh-so-cool logotype!

Scan is part of SOTB Boxs Set selection via Flickr User Pocket Clouds.  “Psygnosis will never die!” … amen to that!  In fact if you remember Psygnosis you might want to check out this superb French tribute site:

Roger Dean – Brataccas

Roger Dean - Brataccas

This is Roger Dean’s first piece of commissioned artwork for the legendary 80/90s Games House Psygnosis, and dates from way back to 1986. In addition to Roger Dean Psygnosis also used other Sci-Fi-O-Rama Favorites Tim White and Peter Andrew Jones examples of which I’ve featured earlier. Not all of the games were that memorable but the artwork certainly was and although some of it had been used before as SF Novel covers I think it’s fair to say that it reached a much wider and younger audience thanks to Psygnosis. Read more about Psygnosis here: