Flickr Round Up (2) Aug 10

North American X15

The Man Who Fell to Earth


Kelly Freas - Rhapsody in black

Micheal Whelan Spring

Ok so once again apologise for the sparse activity on Sci-Fi-O-Rama, legitimate excuses this time – broken shoulder via downhill mountain biking then stolen Mac Book Pro via little scumbags! Anyway all up and running again (thanks to Mac OSX time machine and a sling) so I’m going to start off with an easy post, another Flickr favourite round up, here are the notes on the images…

Top: “North American X-15” – A superb painting of the legendary late 50’s experimental Rocket/Space plane, which at Mach 6.72 still hold the record for the fastest manned flight… Well worth reading a bit more about: Here’s an additional link to an amazing photograph that shows the X15 slung under a B52 wing (from which it was launched)

Michael Whelan – The Snow Queen

Michael Whelan - The Snow Queen

A beautiful girl with a wildly decadent headdress, graceful Illustration from Micheal Whelan – a tag search on Flickr confirms it’s a drag queens favourite! – check Flickr for the “The Snow Queen”

Micheal Whelan’s an American artist (born 1949) who specialises in Sci-Fi and Fantasy art, his art appearing on over 350 books and magazine covers… check out more on him here: